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On 4 October the organisers of the Young Experts Scheme (YES) Armenia introduced their programme to the public. YES Armenia offers a unique opportunity for young professionals to contribute to Armenia’s development by bringing new dynamics, energy and modernisation to the civil service. 20 young people of Armenian citizenship and from the Armenian Diaspora aged 25-35 will be selected to work on specific Government priority projects for 12 months. The projects are diverse, such as new governance models in education, tourism development, operationalisation of National Digital Transformation Agenda, and encouragement of public-private partnerships (PPPs).
YES Armenia offers the selected young people training, skills development and a mentoring/coaching package to help them gain expertise. The package includes induction training, competency-based training, guest lectures, and various other opportunities to exchange experience with peers and further develop skills. These young experts will then work with the Centre for Strategic Initiatives (CSI) and high-level officials in the Government (e.g. Ministers, Deputy Ministers, etc.). The programme is implemented by CSI, with technical and financial support of the European Union.

ARS_2894The Head of the EU Delegation to Armenia, Ambassador Piotr Świtalski, reiterated the importance of the programme: “We are very glad to cooperate on a daily basis with CSI and its professional staff. YES Armenia is a beautiful programme; I like the acronym because Armenia needs positive thinking. There are three reasons why we are so interested in this initiative. Firstly, we believe that, at this stage of development, Armenia needs more strategic thinking, not only in the executive power, but also in line ministries. Secondly, Armenia needs more young people involved in this strategic thinking. Thirdly, we have to harness the potential of and engage more representatives from Diaspora in this process’.

ARS_2943Executive Director of CSI Aleksandr Khachaturyan expressed his gratitude to the European Union and other partners for their support: “We hope that this programme will help young professionals to help the country perform strategically. 20 professionals will work for 12 months on specific Government priorities and projects. We hope that this programme will also have further phases”.