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The European Union provides technical assistance and expertise to the elaboration of the spatial master plan for the Yenokavan Municipality in Tavush marz. Spatial planning has an important role in balanced and sustainable regional development policy as it ensures appropriate usage of the territory for economic and social purposes while preserving the value of the natural environment.
With the recent rapid development of tourism in Yenokavan and vicinity, there are increasing risks of mismanaging and damaging the territory by: uncoordinated and excessive infrastructure investments which on the one hand, can be incompatible with the demand and not complete (e.g. inadequate networks of gas, water, energy, sewage, also public function buildings such as schools or health clinics) and on the other hand, can negatively impact the landscape, local architectural harmony and traditions, etc. A good spatial plan will provide the right conditions for proper functional and infrastructural development for tourism and for keeping the environment sustainable. This is the only way to utilize the local/regional tourism potential without damaging the most valuable assets. For these reasons, the Yenokavan Master Plan is approached in an innovative way, combining deep, multi-layer levels of information under the spatial plan and its sub-plans. It is expected that the solutions worked out in Yenokavan will be later used in other locations in Armenia which demonstrate high touristic and environmental value.
This a pilot approach undertaken in close partnership between the Yenokavan local stakeholders (the Municipality and the Development Foundation), the national authorities (the Ministry for Territorial Administration and Development), and the European Union.