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On 14 September, the Head of the EU Delegation to Armenia, Ambassador Piotr Świtalski, announced the winners of the nationwide non-academicessay competition “Where does Europe end?”. He presented prizes to the winner Meri Telunts and runner-up Artur Barseghyan. Telunts received an Armtab and Barseghyan got the opportunity to participate in an Erasmus+ training course in an EU member state.
The competition was open from 31 May to 9 July for young people aged 17-35. The aim was to hear young people’s visions of EU-Armenia relations and their influence on Armenian youth. 74 essays were submitted, of which 12 were shortlisted. The jury was composed of representatives of the EU Delegation to Armenia, the Armenian Ministry for Foreign Affairs, the Euroclubs Project, Armenian Progressive Youth, the European Youth Parliament Armenia and Young European Ambassadors.

ARS_4837Ambassador Świtalski congratulated the winners: ‘I had the opportunity to read the winning essays and was really very impressed. The essays were very thoughtful and confirm the talent of the young generation. We asked the question – ‘Where does Europe end?’ This is a difficult question, as the borders of Europe have changed over the years and the discussion over where Europe should begin or end is still unanswered. As you know, Europe is undergoing an important phase in discussing the future of the European Union. Europe is a beautiful project; from a global perspective Europe is anindispensable element of global stability. European diplomacy is based on a strong moral compass, on principles, on predictability, and on fairness. Europe as a project has a bright future, mostly because it so appealing to young people. Indeed, young people have now taken the lead role in pushing the project forward’.

ARS_498418-year-old Meri Telunts is a financier in the making. She has involved in many EU programmes implemented in Armenia: ‘When I read the title of the essay competition, I already knew what I was going to write because that idea has always been with me. The main idea is that Europe is not limited to its physical limits – it is a bigger a system of values. I think I am a bearer of these values’.

ARS_497322-year-old Artur Barseghyan is a philosopher and psychologist, and is very interested in EU-Armenian relations: ‘I made comparisons about the attitudes of the Armenian diaspora towards EU-Armenia relations. For example, the Armenian community in Russia considers Armenia as part of the Caucasus; however, in European countries, the Armenian Diaspora is convinced that Armenia is an integral part of Europe. I am very glad that I won second prize and was provided with this opportunity. I would like to go to a French-speaking country to develop French as it is a language I already know’.