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The town of Vayk, together with Habitat for Humanity Armenia, celebrated the European Union’s Sustainable Energy Week on 19 June 2015. The celebration was organised within the framework of the EU-funded “Access to renewable and efficient energy in the municipalities of Vayk and Spitak” project to help the towns develop secure, clean and efficient energy. Spitak and Vayk support the EU’s goal of moving towards a low-carbon society, and have demonstrated this through the “Save energy” (in Spitak) and “Vayk chooses energy efficiency” (in Vayk) events.
The aim of the event in Vayk was to inform the town’s residents about best practices of using energy efficiency and renewable energy, and to build alliances to help the town successfully create sustainable energy action plans required under Vayk’s membership to the “Covenant of Mayors”. The Covenant of Mayors is a European cooperation movement involving local and regional authorities. Signatories voluntarily commit to increasing energy efficiency and using renewable energy sources on their territories. The Mayor of Vayk signed the “Covenant of Mayors” in 2014.
0M8A8030Aragats Saghatelyan, Mayor of Vayk, introduced Vayk residents to what project implementation will bring to the town and thanked the EU for its support: ‘Within the scope of the project, energy saving and efficient measures will be implemented, such as upgrading and insulating roofs, doors and windows, as well as the building envelope in 18 residential buildings and the House of Culture. Our town started implementing the project with EU funding, and I want to thank the EU for its support and Habitat for Humanity for implementing the project’.
An exhibition of the products created by energy-efficency organisations was organised for Vayk residents to inform them about existing energy-efficent and energy-saving materials in the market (produced in Armenia or imported), as well as loan products aimed at energy-efficency and renewable-energy use offered by banks and financial institutions. The Executive Director 0M8A8037of the “Habitat for Humanity Armenia” Foundation, Louiza Vardanyan spoke to participating organisations and Vayk residents: ‘I am happy to see all of you here with us and I hope this meeting will be very efficient. This event is titled “Vayk chooses energy efficiency” and all of today’s actions are connected to energy. We have music – which is also energetic! Today we have also a drawing competition for students from Vayk, as well as quizzes and prizes for participants. We aim to raise awareness on the benefits of energy efficiency’.
During the event, residents and guests enjoyed music played by the “Miqayel Voskanyan and friends” band.