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On 10 December, International Human Rights Day, the international community in Armenia jointly organised “HuRiCamp’ unconference dedicated to human rights. Representatives of the European Union, UN, Council of Europe and OSCE spoke informally on human rights topics to students and civil society representatives.
ARS_9680The EU Delegation was represented by Dirk Lorenz, Chargé d’Affaires of the Delegation: ‘The EU has many projects dedicated to human rights issues in Armenia, but today I want first talk about my personal background. It is important to be active in what you want to achieve. We shouldn’t be afraid that we can’t make a difference; my message today to all of you is to always try to make a difference. It is great to have the international community behind you; we are implementing many projects, providing financial assistance, etc. However, human rights will never become reality if we don’t feel on an individual level that we are the ones who can make difference in the world. There are many changes that have taken place in Armenia in recent years. It shows that there is hope and motivation. I want to encourage you to be active and know that you can make a contribution to all these good causes in Armenia’.
Human rights activists and defenders from a wide range of backgrounds came together to speak on various human rights issues in a friendly, cooperative environment designed to educate, share learning, and inspire collaboration. In parallel sessions, leading personalities talked about their work in human rights areas and shared their experience.