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On International Anti-Corruption Day, December 9, the EU Ambassador Piotr Świtalski, launched the demo version of “Anti-corruption game of the next generation” at the Tumo Centre for Creative Technologies. The first comic about the game was also presented.

ars_0157Created by Tumo and funded by the European Union, the game targets youth. On the fictional planet of Neto, the game has levels full of challenges for players to raise awareness about the risks of the corruption, and rewards players which confront it. The game was created by 16-20-year-old students at Tumo. The launch of the game was entitled ‘Stop the Flow of Corruption’. Under this heading the EU reaffirms its support to Armenia’s government and civil society in their fight against corruption.

ars_0117Ambassador Świtalski praised Tumo’s involvement in creating the game: ‘This event is special for the EU because it showcases innovative new approaches to fighting corruption. People are wanting to move away from talking to active prevention. The best way to prevent is to start with children, because a culture in which corruption is unacceptable should be developed from an early age. We hope that young Armenians will come to understand that corruption is very harmful. In this process, we have appreciated our cooperation with Tumo. Some of you may remember Carlos Moedas, the EU Commissioner for Research, Science and Innovation, was in Yerevan a few weeks ago for the 8th Eastern Partnership Informal Ministerial Meeting. He visited Tumo and was very impressed. He even said that what he saw here was better than what he had seen in Silicon Valley – Tumo now has an ambassador in Europe and Armenia has a new symbol alongside Mount Ararat and brandy. This is the way it should be, because Armenians are very talented’.

Pegor Papazian, a Tumo Board Member, lauded the EU’s support: ‘We are interested in the longer termachievements at Tumo and we are grateful to the EU for having given us the chance to create this game and to inform the younger generation about the risks of corruption’.
After the game’s launch, event invitees had the opportunity to play the demo version.

The Head of the EU Delegation to Armenia, Ambassador Piotr Antoni Świtalski, and other representatives from the EU Delegation attended an event to mark the creation of an anti-corruption game. The event took place at the TUMO centre for creative technologies on 16 December 2015. The event took place in the cinema hall; however, to reach it, guests had to participate in the game. The aim of the game was to choose a shorter path by “paying” with pins or to go the long way round by not giving anything. However, those who chose the “corrupt” way reached the end later than others.
ARS_0272Ambassador Świtalski gave some advice to the youngsters from TUMO: ‘I am here because the fight against corruption is important for the EU; the EU is dedicated to helping Armenia overcome this problem. Corruption is one of the most serious structural problems for Armenia and, if it is not solved, Armenia will not be able to develop and move forward. Today we explore an innovative approach to fighting corruption and I am very happy that my colleagues have initiated this cooperation with TUMO. I think it is very important that we’ve started with young people, because, from an early age, children and teenagers see how their parents first pay bribes at school, then at university for a diploma, then to find a job. They see that it’s bad, but everyone does it. By engaging young people we will have very positive results. Armenia is a country with huge potential and lot of this potential is unused because of corruption. Let’s make a change – we are here to help you to make that change, but it’s you who have to do it!’
TUMO board member Pegor Papazian stated that the project will be sponsored by the EU and implemented by TUMO: ‘This project will involve a game and animation accompanied by a dedicated website. The aim of the game will be to raise awareness, especially among young people, regarding the risks presented by different types of corruption and the value and rewards of resisting corruption as an investment in long-term personal and societal prosperity’.
After the opening speeches, young people had the opportunity to ask Ambassador Świtalski questions, which opened up dialogue on corruption and ways to combat it.

The EU Delegation to Armenia, in cooperation with the Armenian General Benevolent Union (AGBU), the Tumo Centre for Creative Technologies, and the Estonian Embassy, organised the “e-Armenia” conference on 29 September 2015. The conference brought together relevant stakeholders to give an overview of the concept of e-Governance (e-Gov), discuss the progress in the sector, and explore potential future developments.
E-Gov initiatives implemented in Armenia have brought about a noticeable change in developing cost-efficient and transparent e-services. To date, EU support to the sector has included the introduction of “Mulberry”, an electronic document management system in government institutions, a tax payer and tax statements submission electronic system, the electronic civil status register, a one-stop-shop vehicle registration system, an automated driver’s licence issuing system, and online traffic fine tracking and payment systems.
ARS_9977Piotr Switalski, the Head of the EU Delegation to Armenia, emphasised the ongoing and future initiatives: ‘I am very glad that the EU emblem is so visible today in the context of the e-Governance and the future of Armenia. The EU has consistently supported initiatives and programmes to introduce elements of e-governance to Armenia. The list of these projects is very long: an e-visa system, online business registry, e-police, etc. These are real assets and achievements for the Armenian government and Armenian institutions. The EU remains commited and wants to continue enhancing e-Governance models further in Armenia. I am so grateful that Estonia is providing its valuable experience. Estonia has achieved much, not only in this region but in the whole European context. It shows that a small country can build an image of being a leader by investing in future-orientated segments of economy and governance. It is a very good example for Armenia’.
ARS_9895The Armenian Vice Prime Minister and Minister of International Economic Integration and Reforms, Vache Gabrielyan, confirmed Armenia’s commitment: ‘The Armenian government pays great attention to the development of the electronic systems in the private sector, as well as in the government itself. Our aim is to make electornic services more avaliable to the public. In this regard, I think that these sorts of conferences are very important as we can have very important discussions, such as Estonia’s experience with e-Governance. Being a small country, they have made big achievements in this field. However, Armenia also has made achievements worth talking about. We have not only encouraged good experience and innovations, but also created a common resource to which everybody can contribute to and from which they can benefit’.
ARS_9913Vasken Yacoubian, an AGBU board member, talked about the importance of the conference: ‘When we had discussions with representatives ftom the EU Delegation to Armenia, we concluded that this event had two main goals. The first is to introduce e-Governance to the wider public and to describe what it is. The second is to discuss how we can use this platform for the Armenian Diaspora. We think that this platform is so important as it helps governance to become more transparent and make boundaries disappear’.
The participants of the conference discussed next steps, which include making information and services as user friendly and accessible as possible by harmonising different systems, and exploring potential cooperation with the Diaspora. Speakers at the conference included government officials, representatives from the Diaspora, IT experts, representatives of international organisations, and other relevant stakeholders.

A music visualisation workshop took place on 23 May 2015 at TUMO centre in Yerevan in the framework of the Europe Day Information Week. The master class was held by the French audiovisual artist Florimond Zipper who is very well-known as VJ Zyper.
Zyper is performing live as a DJ, VJ, or lighting expert. He is a resident at Queen Club in Paris where he teams up with the biggest Electronic dance music (EDM) artists like Hardwell, Nicky Romero, Nervo, Chuckie, Dyro, and many more. Zyper also creates his own VJ tools and is a part of Knight Visuals team.
During his master class VJ Zyper explained how to mix all elements of a show together in a live show. He also explored tips on how to be creative and adapt your own VJ style to every kind of situation. During the workshop, participants learnt how to work with visuals from scratch with special thematic rules, how to find free elements, ideas, and how to create animations.
11219536_848079905245940_1366209637454145325_nVJ Zyper has had many workshops with people before, but this is his first experience in Armenia. “We speak about technology, we speak about the future but we speak also about the art which brings people together. I play all around the world, I play for all kind of countries and it does not matter where you came from, who you are, it is all about cooperation, all about the union and my job is just to bring people together, make them forget about their problems. Just come together, have fun together and make one big party. And this is so great to be here to make this in Armenia, I am really happy. Now I am very focused on my work because the main concert on 24 May that will conclude the Europe Day celebrations is huge. I need a lot of preparation and when the show is done we will have some time to discover Armenia, Yerevan and I am sure I will find a lot of good stuff to bring with me back to Europe and show to my friends”.
10494660_848273998559864_6404554090312364594_nAfter his master class at TUMO VJ Zyper joined Italian artist Fabio Zanino for the Overnight Performance. The performance was on the Northern Avenue, in the heart of Yerevan, starting from 19:00. It was raining hard, but people were very excited to take part in the performance and create a piece of art related to the EU-Armenia cooperation. While Fabio Zanino and the other participants were working on the installation, VJ Zyper was performing live.
Despite the rain, the Head of the EU Delegation and other officials as well as residents of Yerevan joined and had a lot of fun during the performance.

The EU Delegation to Armenia invited many officials from the Armenian Government, international organisations, embassies and NGO’s to celebrate the 65th anniversary of the Schuman Declaration. The Schuman Declaration was presented by French Foreign Minister Robert Schuman on 9 May 1950 and it became a cornerstone for the construction of the European Union.
ARS_6983Armenia celebrates the Europe Day every year with many events and activities. The reception was held at the TUMO centre in Yerevan on 22 May 2015. The official part of the event started with an address from High Representative of the EU/ Vice President of the European Commission Federica Mogherini on the occasion of the Europe Day. When the message was delivered the orchestra and ensemble first played the EU Anthem and then Anthem of Armenia.
Head of the EU Delegation Traian Hristea had a welcoming speech. “While we meet here today, leaders of the EU, our Member States as well as our Eastern neighbours are meeting in Riga in order to reconfirm and to deepen our partnership. Armenia is a partner for us; we share many values and have a rich history of cooperation. This is why the EU is asking for a second mandate from its Member States to negotiate a new agreement between the European Union and Armenia soon. The new Head of the EU Delegation to Armenia will come in September, I am glad that he will take over the journey sometimes challenging, sometimes encouraging but always exciting. I am confident that the support that the EU delivered to Armenia has improved the lives of Armenia’s citizens. Over the past years the EU supported many areas such as fight against corruption, environment, energy, agriculture, etc.”
ARS_6937The Armenian Vice Prime Minister, Minister of International Economic Integration and Reforms, Vache Gabrielyan, also had his welcoming speech. “Despite of all challenges that the Europe has faced the idea of unity remains a vision for development. As Mrs. Mogherini mentioned in her message, we can have today Europe without wars. From the first day of independence of Armenia, the cooperation with the EU remains priority, which is based on shared values”.
ARS_7136After the official part of the event the guests had an opportunity to enjoy the music, performed by Cadence ensemble and a special guest form Europe – Oana Catalina. Catalina will also perform during the main concert dedicated to the Europe Day on 24 May at the Freedom Square in Yerevan.