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A public presentation of the details, objectives and perspectives of the Armenia-Turkey Travel Grant took place at the EU Centre on 4 September. The event was organised by the Hrant Dink Foundation Armenia office under an EU-funded project.
The coordinator of the project, Anna Yeghoyan, highlighted that the project was initiated in order to establish direct connections between Armenia and Turkey, and to promote cooperation between the two countries and their citizens. She then introduced the beneficiaries of former cycles of the grant.

The Armenia-Turkey Travel Grant was launched on March 2014 aimed at supporting the travel of at least 200 individuals over the course of 12 months. The project is implemented with the financial support of the European Union. The Hrant Dink Foundation administers the Travel Grant in partnership with the Civilitas Foundation in Armenia, and with the support of Community Volunteers Foundation (Turkey) and the Youth Initiative Centre (based in Gyumri, Armenia).


In the first round, 29 individuals (22 from Turkey, 7 from Armenia) were supported by the grant for their visits. In the second round a total of 51 more applicants (34 from Turkey, 17 from Armenia) received financial support for their visits. These visits had a specific purpose and programme like participation in an art forum or research on frontier villages. The Armenia-Turkey Travel Grant will continue to support more beneficiaries in the coming months until 1 March 2015.