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ARS_8974On 17 August, the first Tourist Information Centre (TIC) was opened in Dilijan, Tavush marz, as part of the “Dilijan and Adjacent Communities Development Initiative” project. The project is implemented by the Initiatives for Development of Armenia (IDeA) Foundation, DIS Properties Charity Foundation, the Dilijan Municipality, and Dilijan National Park. It is funded by the EU and the Ministry of Territorial Administration and Development of Armenia through the Pilot Regional Development Programme (PRDP). TIC will offer comprehensive information to tourists and guests visiting Dilijan and Tavush marz. One of the key objectives of the centre is to boost the tourist attractiveness of Dilijan National Park and the adjacent areas, and to become a major platform for coordinating all tourism- and recreation-related events in the marz. The centre has given 6 people the opportunity to find a job.

ARS_9020Hoa-Binh Adjemian, the Head of the Cooperation section of the EU Delegation in Armenia, welcomed guests to TIC and congratulated the community: ‘The European Union is supporting the government to promote more balanced social and economic development in the regions of Armenia through creating new jobs and increasing economic competitiveness. This project is interesting for many reasons. It reflects EU support in Armenia and builds potential in Tavush marz. It marks the start of cooperation with the IDeA Foundation – the foundation, which has done a great job’.

ARS_9045Rafi Baghdjian, CEO of the IDeA Foundation, praised EU support: ‘IDeA Foundation is implementing various types of projects in Dilijan to transform the city and the region into a leading cultural, education, healthcare, and tourist hub. The establishment of the TIC with EU co-funding, as well as the renovation of the city park, start to create infrastructure necessary for Dilijan to morph into the “Davos in the Caucasus”, where tourists from various countries will be offered high-quality services’.

ARS_8946This two-year grant project aims to boost the tourist attractiveness of Dilijan and adjacent communities, thus boosting local economies. At least 330 people and 120 enterprises will benefit. Capacity-building help them develop tourism and hospitality in Dilijan and the wider marz, as well as lessen unemployment. 50 direct employment opportunities will be created through the project, allowing Dilijan City Market, Agro Pavilion, and the Arts and Crafts Centre to cater to both locals and visitors alike. The project will provide grant support of up to €5,000 to third parties. Beneficiaries will be enterprises willing to create additional employment opportunities for residents of Dilijan and adjacent communities. The total project budget is €1,195,000, of which the EU contribution is €780,000.