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Street art travels the globe, leaving positive and beautiful marks in cities all over Europe. Enter the exciting world of street art and discover one of the most trending art movements in Europe! The EU Delegation to Armenia, as part of the Europe Day 2016 celebrations, organised a workshop for people who love thinking outside the box and are passionate about colours and a free lifestyle. Well-known European street art artist Atomo (Davide Tinelli) from Milan came to Armenia to hold this workshop. Atomo is one of the first Italian artists who has explored various kinds of tagging and street art. Atomo is very active in the local socio-political scene, promoting numerous cultural and artistic exhibitions and contributing to the spreading of street art – even in public institutions.
13227078_1028712043849391_3582499359326975555_nOn the first day of Atomo’s workshop, young people learned about street art’s history, its different styles and forms after which they had the chance to practise with Atomo in an urban environment. We also attended the workshop and had an interview with him.

It is already your third day in Yerevan, how are you finding it?

Yerevan is full of art masterpieces, statues, paintings… For me, as an artist, it has been very interesting to come here and see this ancient land and capital. The most interesting part of the Europe Day events has been cultural exchange – I’m talking about what I’ve done in Italy and I simultaneously pick up new ideas from here – I’m continuously inspired.

Have you done workshops with young people before this one?

I am so happy to be able to work with groups of young people and create something new. I have given a lot of master classes in Barcelona and several Italian cities. Participants were students of the arts, as well as interested amateurs. It has not been difficult for me to run workshops in Armenia, despite the difference in culture, because art is something that unites people and has no boundaries.

13304985_1030304500356812_386968937055307554_oHave you noticed any street art in Yerevan?
Yes, I have noticed that street art exists in Yerevan, there are many illustrated arches that have been done in a very professional way. Some of them are a little bit primitive, but every work is an art, no one is born as an expert, and people have to work constantly to develop more. Street art is contemporary art, which unites the whole world, it is everywhere – from Africa to Europe. Street art plays a very big role in people’s lives when you walk and see colourful streets; it makes life more colourful and people need more colour in their lives.

What do these kind of workshops give you?
It’s a two-way experience. Young people always have new ideas. I give them my knowledge and accumulated experience, and I gain from their ideas and fantasies. There are many borders between Europe and Armenia – one of them is in the Schengen area, the other is not. However, the internet has no limits, so they can always be in touch with each other, simultaneously communicate and exchange ideas.