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On 27 April the first round of negotiations between Armenia and the European Union on the EU-Armenia Common Aviation Area Agreement began. The Head of EU Delegation to Armenia, Ambassador Piotr Świtalski, attended the talks, which featured an Armenian negotiating team which will be led by Sergey Avetisyan, the Armenian Director of the General Department of Civil Aviation. The EU’s negotiating team will be led by Klaus Geil, the Deputy Head of the Aviation Agreements Unit of the European Commission.
Under the agreement, Armenia will join the EU Common Aviation Area. This will liberalise the market in a mutual manner, allowing airlines to operate routes with no restrictions and enjoy the equal opportunity of servicing a market of 500 million people. European standards will be introduced into Armenian legislation and foreign airlines will be allowed to choose air routes commercially, without political interference.

ARS_3981Ambassador Piotr Świtalski highlighted the importance of the negotiations: ‘For me, as the EU Ambassador to Armenia, it’s a beautiful day because important negotiations are beginning. They will take place based on the recently initialed Comprehensive and Enhanced Partnership Agreement between Armenia and the European Union. It’s very important to show Armenian citizens that the agreement will bring about very tangible and concrete results. These negotiations will build a stronger bridge between Armenia and the outside world, Europe in particular. It’s very important that, through the Common Aviation Area, Armenia will become an integral part of the single regulatory framework. However, more importantly, Armenia will be in a position to benefit from stronger connectivity with the outside world. For a landlocked country, such a strong connection is very important. Most importantly, I hope that this agreement will bring benefits to ordinary Armenian consumers. I would like to see more airlines flying to Europe, more flights between Armenia and Europe, and cheaper tickets’.

ARS_4014Sergey Avetisyan expressed his enthusiasm for the process: ‘This is fundamental step in terms of aviation cooperation with the EU. This agreement is important for a number of reasons, for example it will liberalise and regulate the field with all EU member states at once. We are committed to localising successful EU standards. Under the agreement a more predictable, well-built and policy aligned situation will be created which will create conditions for new long-term plans for airlines. The signing of the agreement will, hopefully, be concluded soon’.

Klaus Geil thanked the Armenian government for its keen and consistent interest in an agreement with the EU in recent years and was pleased that negotiations could now finally start. He stressed the positive effects and economic benefits similar agreements with other neighbouring countries have generated and was confident that this would also prove to be the case for Armenia in terms of improved connectivity, more choice for consumers and lower prices as a result of an open and competitive market. In addition to the opening the market and eliminating barriers, the agreement will also bring Armenia into the European regulatory family with common rules applied between Armenia and the EU.
The European Common Aviation Area is defined by bilateral agreements between European countries about a single aviation service market. On 1 December 2016 the mandate to start negotiations on a Common Aviation Area Agreement between Armenia and the European Union was provided to the European Commission. The Commission will carry out these negotiations on behalf of the EU and its member states.