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A workshop introducing the European credit system for vocational education and training (VET) took place on 6 March 2015 in Yerevan within the framework of the European Commission’s Technical Assistance Information Exchange Instrument (TAIEX). Its aim was to share experiences on the introduction and development of the European credit system for VET. The seminar was held by the Deputy Head of the Cooperation Section of the EU Delegation, Jose-Maria Medina Navarro, the First Deputy Minister of Education and Science, and EU VET experts on an official visit to Armenia.
Medina Navarro talked about the importance of the system: “One of the aims of the European credit system is to increase the employability of graduates and confidence among employers that each qualification requires specific skills and knowledge. It is also a powerful tool for increasing cross-border cooperation in education and training. The introduction of such a new concept generates not only new challenges but also opportunities to improve the current system, and to make it more flexible and efficient’.
The Deputy Minister of Education and Science mentioned in her speech that TAIEX was a very productive and important instrument, and that many programmes had been successfully implemented through it: ‘The European credit system has made large progress in education in Armenia. Higher education has benefited and gained greater experience in this area – now it is the turn of vocational education. The European credit system for VET is very important for improving the quality of education, as well as increasing the mobility of students and professors’.
ARS_2972The European credit system has been already integrated into several colleges in Armenia. It will help to understand where these educational institutions are both strong and weak, thereby helping them to improve.
Participants in the workshop benefited from the presentations made by the visiting EU experts and the chance to share relevant experience.