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An annual anti-corruption award ceremony took place dedicated to International Anti-Corruption Day. Awards in three nominations were presented: citizen of the year, representatives of Civil Society Organisations (CSOs), and mass media. High-ranking officials from the Armenian government and the EU Delegation to Armenia attended the ceremony, which had been organised within the framework of the EU-funded “Multi-faceted Anti-corruption Promotion” project. The President of the Armenian Young Lawyers Association (AYLA), Karen Zadoyan, provided the backdrop to the EU-funded project, which is aimed at increasing the role of the CSOs in promoting and implementing anti-corruption reforms.
10457481_766367060083892_4414473023282113492_nThe Deputy Minister of Justice, Suren Krmoyan, highlighted the significance of anti-corruption campaigns: ‘Corruption is a global challenge for society: in 2004 it was acknowledged as a threat against humanity which impedes fundamental human rights. The EU has initiated numerous projects in cooperation with local authorities and international organisations intended to provide corresponding support’.
Deputy Head of the Cooperation Section of the EU Delegation to Armenia, Jose-Maria Medina Navarro, talked about fruitful cooperation between Armenia and the EU: ‘The European Union is a key partner for Armenia, and our areas of cooperation are very large. About two thirds of the total financial support is provided through budget support programmes. Corruption is a threat to humanity as it allocates existing funds unevenly, damages trust in the government, and negatively affects the sustainability of the justice system’. He added that the European Union would continue to offer support in these areas and expressed hope that Armenian side was determined to continue cooperation.
10849938_766367093417222_3531838365367122196_n Mr Krmoyan granted the “Citizen of the Year” award to Hratch Avetisyan, who had been struggling against corruption in the social security sector. Navarro awarded a prize to the “ArmComedy” team for the best coverage of corruption-related issues. The award for best CSO representatives went to the Armenian Chamber of Advocates for successfully protecting professional rights.
The “Multi-Faceted Anti-Corruption Promotion” project contributes to deepening existing opportunities for anti-corruption activities. Small grants are given to raise the effectiveness of public monitoring and implement appropriate monitoring and investigative activities. The three-year project is funded by the European Union and implemented by AYLA with a total budget of €650,000.