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The EU remains a steadfast supporter of the Armenia’s sustainable agricultural development. The largest of the EU funded projects in this sector is ENPARD, a three-year programme implemented by the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organisation, the UN Industrial Development Organisation, and the UN Development Programme.
ENPARD’s third stakeholder meeting took place on 27 September 2016, aiming to present and discuss the project’s recent developments and achievements.
120x200 rollup mapAs part of the project, 51 training courses on business-orientated cooperation have been delivered in 122 communities across all marzes of Armenia, involving 667 participants, of which 227 are women. Training courses on cooperative establishment and business skills development have been organised for 41 primary production groups (more than 600 farmers), which later received support to develop their own business plans. 34 buckwheat production groups, 4 groups of non-traditional vegetable production, 6 high-value cheese cooperatives and 6 dried fruit and herb cooperatives have received support from the project in the form of agricultural inputs, greenhouses, drip irrigation systems, equipment, and assets. 2 buckwheat hulling factories are being constructed and will soon begin operations in Tsovagyugh and Bavra. By the end of year 2, primary fruit production groups will receive agricultural machinery; 1 group of berry producers will be provided with berry saplings and a drip irrigation system.
“Agriculture is not a thing that can be done in two seconds. Agriculture is people, agriculture is families, communities that need our help. Within this project we have already established cooperatives, cultivated new products and brought them to market – this is just the beginning”, – said John Barker, International Aid/Cooperation Officer of the Cooperation Section of the EU Delegation to Armenia.
The newly appointed Armenian Minister of Agriculture, Ignati Arakelyan, spoke about agricultural legislation: ‘Within ENPARD we have not only established cooperatives – a big added value success for farmers – but also have introduced legislation on cooperatives. However, we must continue to take steps and create conditions to strengthen and develop cooperation among farmers so they continue to create successful cooperatives’.
Deputy Minister of Agriculture Armen Harutyunyan stated that ENPARD would be continued, and that there was already a preliminary agreement with the European Union to start a new €10 million project in 2017. Another EU-funded project co-funded by the Austrian Development Agency is also ongoing, targeted at developing organic agriculture in Armenia.