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“Shen” NGO has been implementing “Integrated Support for Sustainable Economic Development in Rural Mountainous Areas of Armenia” – PRDP project in cooperation with 6 partners from Gegharkunik and Syunik marzes since December 2016. The total budget of the two-year project is €1,340,995, for which the EU contribution is €900,000. The project’s activities are contributing to local economic growth in beneficiary communities by increasing regional competitiveness and creating sustainable jobs. The project has three main components: strengthening 6 rural cooperatives; the training and introduction of modern methods and technologies of agricultural production; processing in beneficiary cooperatives; biogas production and introduction into beneficiary cooperatives.

Medium -scale biogas plantAfter the project launch more than 300 residents of three beneficiary communities of Gegharkunik marz took part in various training courses. A biogas plant has been completed in Geghamasar community, which will supply heat to the adjacent 1300 m2 greenhouse. 15 people will work at the plant and in the greenhouse. 1.5- and 3km- long sections of irrigation pipelines have been built in Shaki and Angeghakot in Syunik marz. As a result, more than 300 families now have access to irrigation water. Shaki and Angeghakot communities’ cooperatives were provided with modern agricultural equipment and the construction of agricultural product-processing units is underway. Milking stations are also being constructed 7-10km outside the communities.

Anahit Navasardyan, Coordinator of “Shen” NGO, presented future project steps: ‘Agriculture is the main source of income in rural communities. Having more competitive agricultural products, involving small farmers in value chains, will allow us to have a more balanced growing economy in these six rural communities. Families’ income increases are the tangible result that we will have achieved. Residents are consolidating and jointly finding solutions to problems. Together, it is easier to achieve better harvests and jointly process and find markets. The driving force behind this whole process is common economic interest, and the immediate result is jobs created. Before the end of the project: one spelt mill and one flaxseed oil production unit will be established in Shaghat (Syunik marz); one grain-refining and winnowing unit will be established in Angeghakot; four drying units will be established in Shaghat, Shaki, Angeghakot and Areguni (Gegharkunik marz). Independent cooperatives will manage all the production units, ensuring their sustainability and the participation of beneficiaries’.