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The EU Delegation to Armenia organised a press visit in Artashat on 20 January 2015 on the “Support to Migration and Reintegration in Armenia” project, implemented by the Czech NGO “People in Need”. The Armenian Relief Society, the State Employment Agency together with the State Migration Service are also involved in the project implementation.
Within the framework of the project, about 155 returned migrants participated in special training courses to learn how to write, and then run, successful business projects. Seventy five of them took part in a funding competition for their own business ideas; the best 16 ideas received grants, which resulted in the creation of 55new workplaces. Fields awarded funding included agricultural foodstuff production, smoked fish production, European-standard plastic doors and windows, furniture manufacturing, beauty salons, internal and external socket production, greenhouses with new heating methods, agricultural service provision, potatoproduction, stockings manufacturing, and production of napkins.
IMG_0041Borislav Dimitrov, International Aid/Cooperation officer at the EU Delegation, talked about the EU assistance in the field of migration. ‘Speaking about this project the key word is most probably “cooperation”. With the support of the EU, “People in Need” NGO and the Armenian Relief Society are working in close cooperation with both the State Employment Agency and the State Migration Service for several years and this type of trilateral partnership is very beneficial for addressing the migration issues in Armenia’ – he noted.
Head of the “People in Need” Armenian Office, Phillip Hovhannisyan, presented the whole project process, mentioning that results are also visible in the reports provided by beneficiaries every month: ‘This projects is a good opportunity for most of migrants to stay in Armenia, next to their families; due to their businesses, other people also stay in Armenia to work with them’.
After the presentations, a short film entitled Starting point was screened for the first time. The documentary film shows migrants who received grants during the programme, and gives them the opportunity to tell their stories and feelings on their businesses, staying in Armenia and about the future. IMG_0015
“Support to Migration and Reintegration in Armenia” started in 2013, and will last for 30 months. The EU has contributed € 826,000 and now talks are ongoing over a six-month extension.