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The 15th session of the EU-Armenia Parliamentary Cooperation Committee (PCC) took place on 19-20 March 2015 at the Armenian National Assembly. It was presided over by EU PCC co-chairs Samvel Farmanyan and Sajjad Karim. During the session, EU-Armenia further cooperation was discussed by both Armenian and European representatives.
The President of the Armenian National Assembly, Galust Sahakyan, greeted participants: ‘This week we had an opportunity to work together within the scope of the EuroNest Parliamentary Assembly’s fourth ordinary session. This was a very important platform for the EU and Eastern Partnership programme expansion. Here we can now work from the perspective of an interparliamentary cooperation platform. The EU has been and still is one of the most important partners of Armenia – EU-Armenia cooperation is based on common shared values, and all-European values are the core of this cooperation’.
ARS_5178Adriano Martins, the Deputy Head of Division of the European External Action Service, spoke on the European Union’s position as Armenia’s largest foreign trade partner: ‘EU-Armenia cooperation is continuing, based on partnership and cooperation agreements. The EU is willing to deepen this cooperation and is identifying areas of common interest. Cooperation will focus on economic development, energy, migration, mobility, security, transparency, and management. We will try to make policies more targeted and effective’.
Garen Nazarian, the Armenian Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs, talked about the Armenian government’s position on EU-Armenia relations: ‘Armenia is ready to deepen cooperation with the EU, with an aim to continue reforms to democratic institutions and the judicial system, protecting human rights and fighting against corruption. Armenia and the European Union agreed on the necessity of forming a legal basis for their relations and updating the European Neighbourhood Policy Action Plan’.

The Euronest Parliamentary Assembly’s fourth ordinary session was held on 17-18 March at the Armenian National Assembly. Participants discussed issues on the revision of the European Neighbourhood Policy and the upcoming Eastern Partnership summit in Riga, Latvia. Johannes Hahn, European Commissioner for Neighbourhood Policy and Enlargement Negotiations, arrived in Armenia on 18 March 2015 and, among his other activities, gave a speech at the Euronest Parliamentary Assembly’s fourth ordinary session.
Hahn touched upon neighbourhood policy, noting that the EU wished to be a partner with all the countries of the Eastern Partnership, and that it recognised and defended the unique policy of each. According to him, the EU’s only goal was to build a prosperous future. He emphasised that Armenia’s international obligations would be taken into account in future EU-Armenia cooperation and that EU would continue to support Armenia in implementing reforms.
NRK_4982Referring to Armenian foreign policy, Hahn stressed EU readiness to cooperate with Armenia, continuing support to protect human rights, fight corruption, support civil society and promote democracy and electoral reforms.
After Hahn’s presentation other participants of the Euronest Parliamentary Assembly made reports and had in-depth discussions