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Italian artist Fabio Zanino visited Armenia to feature in the Europe Day celebrations in 2015 and to share his experience with Armenians.
Fabio Zanino is an Italian sculptor and painter based in Torino, Italy. His stylistic inspiration is the metamorphosis of material. An important element in Zanino’s style is the concepts of “Contexture” (context, background and texture) or de-contextualisation of texture. His series Deconstructions mark the transition from the movement of time to the shaping of visual forms.
Zanino held 4 masterclasses during his visit: in Vanadzor on 16 May; in Gyumri on 17 May; 11102671_847200038667260_4319712069844869690_nat the Tumo Centre on 19 May in Yerevan; a final one took place on 21 May. The main idea behind the masterclasses was to promote art which sees beyond the obvious, using waste and discarded objects to create into pieces of art! Zanino first introduced masterclass participants to the details underpinning his art, and then taught them how to create art from recycled materials.
Before the masterclass in Yerevan we managed to ask Fabio some questions about his visit to Armenia.

Is it your first time in Armenia?
Yes, this in my first time in Armenia, so barev [hello], Yerevan!
What was your first reaction, your first impression when you received an email and there was an invitation to Armenia?
My first reaction was to go on Google and find out anything about Armenia, see where it is on Google maps. No, no, I’m joking [laughing]. I know Armenia as a region, but I didn’t know Armenian history deeply. I am happy that I have had an opportunity to explore. Now, when I am here, I can say that this country is really very beautiful and it has very strong heritage. I also had an opportunity to visit historic places such as Tatev monastery, Noravank and other places and also two beautiful cities where I had my workshops – Gyumri and Vanadzor.
10403534_847211275332803_2925273496505675453_nYou’ve already worked with many Armenian young people. Have you had successful dialogue?
They are very collaborative. Many of them didn’t have a pop art background and I am happy that they have learned new things. The results of what they have created during the workshops are not so important; rather the way in which they relate to art is more important. They can keep it all in their mind, remember this new technique and continue to create their own pieces of art.
Your visit is part of the Europe Day celebrations and it is also about the EU-Armenia cooperation. What do you think your visit can bring to this cooperation?
An artist is a person who creates something and is close to art. You know, as an artist, I’m sharing my inspiration with people and get inspiration in return, especially from children. This is all about cooperation. I liked Armenia, and I liked Tumo where I held my workshop with children, and I’d like to come back to Armenia one day.

Fabio will also take part in the overnight performance on 23 May at Northern Avenue from 19:00, so don’t forget to come and watch!