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A conference on the role of the Chamber of Control was held on 28 November, attended by representatives of various state institutions and the International Organisation of Supreme Audit Institutions. The conference was organised within the framework of the EU-funded “Public Financial Management in the South Caucasus” programme, implemented together with the German aid agency GIZ.
The Head of the EU Delegation to Armenia, Ambassador Traian Hristea, expressed hope that a strong Chamber of Control would be established in Armenia in the near future: ‘It is highly important to strengthen state mechanisms; this is why the EU continues to provide budget support. In this way we should see consistent reforms in the fields of justice, education, agriculture and others. Reforms must be implemented in accordance with declarations signed by international organisations’.
Participants discussed the role and importance of the Chamber of Control in the Armenian public finance management system; also the concept and principles of performance audit; considered establishing a professional network of regional and international partners and supporters dedicated to reforming the Chamber of Control.
Head of the Armenian Chamber of Control Ishkhan Zakaryan spoke on the perspectives of the programme and possible improvements in the Armenian audit system: ‘All the measures carried out are aimed at creating an environment intolerant to corruption. The Chamber of Control is not a punitive instrument; it has the objective to prevent possible crimes. I think we should leave the perception of an “overlooking” official behind – today the Chamber of Control has stepped onto the path of reform’. The European Union external actions plan, which provided support to the conference, is aimed at strengthening the independence, effectiveness and transparency of the Armenian external audit system.