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Within the framework of the “Family Centre” concept, new play rooms were established in Charentsavan and Hrazdan hospitals, funded by the EU.
The opening ceremony for the Charentsavan playing room took place on 16 July 2015, organised by the “Swedish support medical association” NGO, which is implementing an educational project for urban and rural populations to strengthen human, women’s and children’s rights. The funding provided by the EU amounts to €190,000.
In seven regional hospitals, play rooms for children have been developed as spaces for them to play, paint, sculpt, and make handicrafts. They also act as venues for various social events, making the project more attractive and participatory and adding value to human rights protection.
ARS_2125Marine Grigoryan, Head of the “Swedish support medical association” NGO, described the project further: ‘Opportunities are also being provided to women undergoing different stages of life to raise their awareness of their own rights and potential in the society, and to enhance their abilities to fight against violence and other harmful practices. The “Family Centre” will be the place where women can exchange ideas, discuss their needs and get support from professionals. This will contribute to strengthening their rights and self-confidence as members of society”.