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“Dilijan Orran”, an Armenian cultural, art and culinary centre, opened its doors on 15 July. The centre was established by the EU-funded “Further development and sustainability of tourism contribution to poverty alleviation in the regions of Armenia” project. This project creates employment opportunities in Tavush marz, with a particular focus on women, in the tourism industry. The project applies a creative approach to opening up the socio-economic potential of Tavush through promoting and selling traditional crafts and products. The project is being implemented by the SOSE NGO.
Monica Papyan, representative of the EU Delegation to Armenia, gave a speech at Dilijan Orran: ‘This type of cooperation has existed for several years, and the Lori Orran centre in Lori marz offers an example of this project’s success. I am sure this centre will have the same experience. By using the potential and knowledge of locals, businessmen can create promote their businesses and provide more economic growth in these communities. This is not only a business initiative, but also a cultural and historical project’.
Director/Project Manager Nelli Sedrakyan stressed the centre’s potential to create employment opportunities for local residents: ‘At this stage, more than 20 local residents can either be employed by businesses that operate in this centre, or can establish and run their own businesses from the centre. The provision of goods and services from the centre gives residents the opportunity to use their skills and are provide needed tourism goods and services. The centre provides the necessary space or conditions for this which residents lack at home. Another advantage of the centre is that the services are provided from one centralised location, which increases the chances of these goods and services being used’.
Representatives of travel agencies, tour operators, and international organisations were shown around the centre and were acquainted with the goods and services provided by the trained local residents of Tavush marz, tasting homemade drinks and food. At the end of the event the guests were introduced to Armenian wedding traditions and were taught elements of Armenian dances; they even had the opportunity for role play and dance in a group wedding dance.
This opening ceremony allowed residents and centre personnel to demonstrate the skills and services they had learned through training provided by the project.