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On 7 July, the first solar-powered bus stops were tested in Yerevan on Moskovyan Street and Baghramyan Avenue as part of EU Energy Days 2017. The European Union Delegation to Armenia has initiated the installation of solar panels at two bus stops to promote the use of renewable energy, allowing people to charge their digital phones and other gadgets with free solar energy. Each solar-powered bus stop can charge up to 24 phones daily.
During EU Energy Days 2017 a series of events took place from 3-7 July 2017 in Yerevan and the marzes to highlight energy reforms supported by the EU as well as showcase developments and perspectives for fostering renewable, alternative and sustainable energy practices in Armenia.

ARS_4842The Head of the EU Delegation to Armenia, Ambassador Piotr Świtalski, attended the event and tested the bus stop: ‘The EU is promoting cheaper, cleaner energy for Armenians and is helping to develop more energy independence. Today we have gathered at this ‘Europe Bus stop’, where we are promoting solar energy for ordinary Armenians. Solar panels are installed on the roof and people can charge phones or whatever else they are carrying which needs electricity. The solar panels will stay here for hopefully one year; later we plan to pass these panels on to institutions like schools. Why are we promoting solar energy? The answer is evident, we barely have to answer it. Armenia is full of sun, it has some of the sunniest days in the world – solar energy should be a natural choice for the country. We have some projects in the Armenian marzes and want to promote different sources of renewable, alternative and sustainable energy. I am optimistic that Armenians will follow us and will embrace these new technologies’.

ARS_4909The European Union has extended long-term assistance to increasing Armenia’s energy efficiency locally, regionally and nationally. Armenia joined the Eastern Europe Energy Efficiency and Environment Partnership (E5P) agreement in March 2016. This has allowed Armenia to access grant funds of €20 million targeted at municipal energy efficiency and environmental projects. The EU-funded ‘Caucasus Transmission Network’ project will facilitate cross-border energy exchange between Armenia and Georgia through a HVDC/back-to-back station. The project will diversify the energy supply in Armenia and integrate it on the regional level. The ‘Access to Renewable and Efficient Energy’ project in the municipalities of Vayk and Spitak aims to save 15-30% of energy used in 45 residential and 2 public buildings. The project will reduce CO2 emissions, increase awareness and knowledge of tenants on the importance of energy efficiency, and increase the capacity of Spitak and Vayk municipalities to implement sustainable energy projects.