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The “Armenia Model European Union 2014” Youth Conference (AMEU 2014) was held on 8 November. More than 110 Armenian students and activists from various regions of Armenia as well as 18 international participants from different European countries participated in the project. These participants were selected through a competitive, two-phase procedure involving 450 applicants.

The key topic of the youth conference was “EU Common Foreign and Security Policy in Light of the Ukrainian Crisis”. Participants took on the roles of members of the European Parliament as well as the offices of several high-level EU officials.

Ambassador Hristea highlighted the importance of this type of event: ‘The EU believes in youth, because you are the ones with the potential to shape the future and be the initiators of changes. You have the opportunity to meet economic, cultural and social challenges head on. This is the reason that we have launched several projects concerning youth. The EaP Youth Programme that was founded in 2012 has sought and continues to seek to promote greater participation of young people in social, political, economic and professional spheres, and to develop dialogue between young people in EaP countries’.

The conference participants simulated the activities of the European Parliament, the only directly elected institution in the EU. Over the previous 4 weeks all participants in AMEU 2014 were divided into the respective political groups represented in the real European Parliament. During the event they made decisions in the context of ongoing political developments and pressures within the EU, also taking into account the national interest of the EU citizen groups represented at the parliament. The main aim of the model conference was to stimulate civic activism and improve EU-related knowledge and the level of European awareness among young people.