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On 24 September the EU Delegation to Armenia together with the Armenian Ministry of Culture, launched European Heritage Days in Armenia with a press conference and cultural programme at the Metsamor Historical-Archeological Museum. This year’s programme was dedicated to the 25th anniversary of Armenia’s independence. The Days passed under the motto “Heritage and Communities”. The choice of Metsamor was symbolic as, since 2013, a joint Polish-Armenian archaeological project has uncovered a plethora of Bronze Age and Iron Age artifacts in that location. “Armenia’s active participation in _mg_0323European Heritage Days carries special significance, because Armenia is one of the cradles of European culture and civilisation. For centuries and millennia Armenia has been a gate to Europe through which different influences and cultures have entered. Armenians can be very proud of their heritage and their cultural contribution to the common identity of Europe. We, as the EU, would like to work together with the Armenian government and Armenian people to strengthen and develop the cultural links between Armenia and the European family”- said in his opening speech Ambassador Piotr Świtalski.
During the two European Heritage Days over 100 governmental and private museums, libraries, cultural organisations hosted events and opened their doors to the public free of charge – even monuments usually closed to the public had open-door days. Numerous exhibitions, concert, meetings, literary seminars and musicals were organised for the citizens and guests of Armenia.
“Armenian cultural heritage belongs of that of Europe; this is not only in our hearts and minds, but also expressed through our ratification of the 1954 European Cultural Convention” comments the Armenian Deputy Minister of Culture, Arev Samuelyan.