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A music visualisation workshop took place on 23 May 2015 at TUMO centre in Yerevan in the framework of the Europe Day Information Week. The master class was held by the French audiovisual artist Florimond Zipper who is very well-known as VJ Zyper.
Zyper is performing live as a DJ, VJ, or lighting expert. He is a resident at Queen Club in Paris where he teams up with the biggest Electronic dance music (EDM) artists like Hardwell, Nicky Romero, Nervo, Chuckie, Dyro, and many more. Zyper also creates his own VJ tools and is a part of Knight Visuals team.
During his master class VJ Zyper explained how to mix all elements of a show together in a live show. He also explored tips on how to be creative and adapt your own VJ style to every kind of situation. During the workshop, participants learnt how to work with visuals from scratch with special thematic rules, how to find free elements, ideas, and how to create animations.
11219536_848079905245940_1366209637454145325_nVJ Zyper has had many workshops with people before, but this is his first experience in Armenia. “We speak about technology, we speak about the future but we speak also about the art which brings people together. I play all around the world, I play for all kind of countries and it does not matter where you came from, who you are, it is all about cooperation, all about the union and my job is just to bring people together, make them forget about their problems. Just come together, have fun together and make one big party. And this is so great to be here to make this in Armenia, I am really happy. Now I am very focused on my work because the main concert on 24 May that will conclude the Europe Day celebrations is huge. I need a lot of preparation and when the show is done we will have some time to discover Armenia, Yerevan and I am sure I will find a lot of good stuff to bring with me back to Europe and show to my friends”.
10494660_848273998559864_6404554090312364594_nAfter his master class at TUMO VJ Zyper joined Italian artist Fabio Zanino for the Overnight Performance. The performance was on the Northern Avenue, in the heart of Yerevan, starting from 19:00. It was raining hard, but people were very excited to take part in the performance and create a piece of art related to the EU-Armenia cooperation. While Fabio Zanino and the other participants were working on the installation, VJ Zyper was performing live.
Despite the rain, the Head of the EU Delegation and other officials as well as residents of Yerevan joined and had a lot of fun during the performance.