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Traian Hristea, Head of the EU Delegation to Armenia, delivered a lecture at the American University of Armenia (AUA) on 27 March 2015. The lecture was organised within the framework of the “Ambassadorial lecture series” with the EU member-states Ambassadors and the Head of the EU Delegation to Armenia. These lectures are organised by Dr. Syuzanna Vasilyan, the Chair in Armenia of the Jean Monnet sub-programme in the framework of the EU-funded “Lifelong Learning” programme. The lecture was intended to representatives of the academia, civil society and students.
Ambassador Hristea started his lecture with underlining that the European Union is destined to be a key partner for all countries in their neighbourhood, while defending their right to choose independently their own way forward of sovereign development. “The European Neighbourhood Policy was created to build new partnerships with the EU’s direct neighbours, based on shared values, stability and prosperity. Those fundamental objectives remain as valid today as they were when the ENP was launched more than ten years ago; indeed, they are now more important than ever.
ARS_5449The situation in Europe’s neighbourhood has changed dramatically since the ENP has been in place. Growing challenges to a number of Eastern Partnership countries, from the crisis in Georgia in 2008 to the on-going conflict in Ukraine”.
The ambassador touched also upon important subjects like the crises in Syria and Libya, the complex transition in Egypt and the war that is unfolding in Yemen. As to the EU-Armenia relations the Head of the EU Delegation emphasised that Armenian government and the EU institutions are cooperating together quite well and the input from the civil society will be an invaluable contribution to the ENP review and to the implementation and future development of the Eastern Partnership within a reviewed ENP. He added that the EU would like to continue to strengthen the cooperation with Armenia. EU has been exploring with Armenia the possible scope of future bilateral cooperation bearing in mind Armenia’s other international commitments. EU is prepared to further support Armenia in areas such as good governance, human rights, fighting corruption, reforming the judiciary, implementation of the mobility partnership and the visa facilitation and readmission agreements in force with the EU. The EU will continue supporting the country’s modernisation efforts and will continue encouraging necessary reforms in Armenia.
The EU will also continue to support small and medium-sized enterprises (SME) Development in Armenia, human rights protection, reforms in electoral system, torture prevention, provide greater protection against discrimination of persons belonging to minorities, people with disabilities and to other vulnerable groups, develop effective gender equality mechanisms and protection of victims of domestic/gender-based violence, and improve child protection system.
“So, in the new ENP the messages will probably remain the same: but we should seek new ways to deliver our messages, and to be heard. We are looking for concrete ideas that will deliver results in the short to medium term, and ones the public can understand. And here we see a crucial role for you, students, representatives of the civil society and academia, in giving this review visibility on the ground in your country and in ensuring that your views on the ENP are fed back to us,”- stated Ambassador.