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The “Hakastver” NGO invited guests and journalists to the closing ceremony on 31 March 2015 of the EU-funded project called “Support to the efforts of civil society to establish social dialogue in the sphere of labour and development of trade unions”. The event included a presentation of the “Trade Unions in Armenia Today” brochure, published within the frameworks of the project. This project was focused on the effective enforcement and protection of the employee’s rights. The project was implemented by a local NGO Hakastver. EU Contribution to the project was € 149,297.00 (94.79% of total). . The goal of the programme was to raise awareness on the issue of labour rights of Armenian citizens.
ARS_5543The Head of the “Hakastver” NGO and project manager, Vaga Amirkhanyan, introduced the achievements of the project and made a presentation of the brochure: “A key component of human rights are labour rights. While labour rights are respected in our legislation, they are, however, to put it mildly, barely protected. This is a problem, and it is important to understand the roles of defence and support. We formulated the project goal in this way: firstly we examined trade union movements in Armenia – their situation, problems and public awareness. This was a pilot project of the two-year programme, which consisted of: legislative expertise connected to the trade unions, trade union law, alignment with the European Charter and other international documents, seminars in work teams, electronic media, such as the programmes on H2 TV channel, print media through “The School of Capitalism”, and polling. The results of the polling are introduced in the brochure”.
“Trade Unions in Armenia Today” brochure presented the results of the first poll on the role of the trade unions conducted in Armenia and the legislative changes related to their activities. The group of experts who have worked on the brochure participated in the event.