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Within the framework of the EU-funded “Multi-faceted anti-corruption promotion” project, the Annual Anti-corruption Award Ceremony took place on 9 December 2015.
Representatives from international organisations, NGOs, the Armenian government and embassies of EU member states attended the event.
IMG_8876The Deputy Head of the Cooperation Section of the EU Delegation, Jose-Maria Medina Navarro, made a speech in which he stressed the importance of fighting corruption: ‘Today we are celebrating International Anti-corruption Day and also have an award ceremony for recognising people who are may be not so visible but are doing great work. As Ambassador Switalski once mentioned, there are many challenges in the fight against corruption, but we need deliverable results.’ In order to successfully fight against corruption, active participation from the civil society is very important. EU supports various civil society organisations in increasing their role in promoting anti-corruption reforms and in ensuring the implementation of those reforms. The award ceremony is one of the ways to recognise those, who are contributing to tackling this challenge’.
Suren Krmoyan, the Armenian Deputy Minister of Justice, spoke about Anti-corruption Day: ‘As you may know, 9 December is known as Anti-corruption Day all over the world. The fight against corruption has been one of the priorities for the Armenian government for the last ten years. 2015 was very important year: it was full of anti-corruption events and activities which engaged representatives of business, civil society and state authorities in the fight against corruption. The fight against corruption should be an issue for every citizen. During this year we created the 2015-2018 Anti-Corruption Strategy’.
Categories for awards included: “Young citizen of the year”; “Citizen of the year”, “Mass media of the year”, “Business organisation of the year”, “CSO of the year”.