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On 8 November the EU Delegation to Armenia, in cooperation with the EU4Energy Programme implemented by the Energy Charter Secretariat held a conference on “Unlocking the Energy Efficiency Potential in Armenia”. Energy efficiency is very high in the Armenian Government’s list of priorities; the aim of the conference was to generate dialogue on this topic between ministries, donors, international financial institutions, representatives of the private and public sectors, as well as technical experts from civil society and academia.
During the conference, experts discussed challenges that are hampering energy-efficiency efforts in the country. Speakers shared success stories and lessons learned from ongoing projects. Each of them summarised key challenges, operational actions, and the reforms necessary for unlocking full investment potential in energy efficiency.
The event was organised in close cooperation with the Armenian Ministry of Energy Infrastructures and Natural Resources and was attended by high-ranking officials, including Lawrence Meredith, the Director of “Neighbourhood East” in the European Commission’s Directorate-General for Neighbourhood and Enlargement Negotiations.

ARS_7375Director Meredith stressed the importance of the conference: ‘We believe that there are two key issues on which we need to focus. Firstly, it is important to manage demand. There is no cheaper energy than energy not spent. Secondly, investment in cleaner energy is also a key issue for us. In the EU, this sector has created over a million jobs. I wish it had the potential to create jobs in Armenia too. We are already supporting 6,000 households in 17 Armenian cities with energy efficiency. We are also involved in a major LED street lighting project which is helping to improve the safety of pedestrians and car drivers. The aim of today’s event is to make sure that we have a comprehensive vision of how energy-efficiency commitments will be taken forward in the future. That’s why we brought together all the major international donors, financing institutions and energy experts. We believe that, by acting together, we can have a major impact on improving the lives of Armenian citizens’.

ARS_7350Hayk Harutyunyan, the Armenian Deputy Minister of Energy, Infrastructures and Natural Resources presented the situation in Armenia: ‘Armenia does not have right mechanisms to implement residential energy-efficiency projects. There are about 20,000 residential buildings and 450,000 houses in our country. The energy efficiency potential is, of course, very high. We have many beneficiaries in these buildings and their desires to solve the problem are different. Therefore, it is very difficult to find a common business plan for large-scale energy efficiency projects. In this event, we will try to understand what targeted projects can address the energy efficiency issue. We have carried out different pilot projects on the external thermal insulation of residential buildings and thermal isolation of individual flats – we have a clear idea of the economic benefits residents will get. Now it’s time to conduct large-scale efforts to test piloted ideas and choose the right models, as one model will not be enough for everyone’.