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The European Union has launched two new calls for project proposals on its ongoing grants programmes. The total amount available under these new calls is €4.4 million.
On 10 April the Head of EU Delegation to Armenia, Ambassador Piotr Świtalski, announced the launch of first call for projects proposals for the “Reinforcing Civil Society in Armenia” grant scheme in Yerevan. The budget is €1.5 million. This scheme aims to strengthen civil society in Armenia and to provide civil society organisations (CSOs) with alternative sources of financing. The EU is looking for innovative projects that will make Armenia a healthier, safer, cleaner place and more sustainable.

ARS_2475The Ambassador highlighted the importance of the grant scheme: ‘It’s a great pleasure for me that the European Union is continuing grant programmes in Armenia. Today we’ll speak about a call for proposals targeting our civil society partners. What is it about? Firstly, we want to strengthen the capacity of civil society to monitor the implementation of our programmes here. Secondly, we want to promote responsible citizenship in Armenia to increase public accountability. We are asking civil society to be motivational and organise public campaigns around nutrition, road safety, energy saving, environment, recycling, etc. Thirdly, we want to help civil society to diversify finance streams and be more sustainable, including fundraising, crowdfunding campaigns and social enterprises’.

ARS_2514Grants can be between €150,000-400,000 in size. Sub-granting, the provision of financial support to third parties, will be a core characteristic of this call. Applicants applying under the objective of increasing CSOs’ monitoring capacity must propose financial support to third parties. This support can be in many different forms, for example prizes for independent investigative journalists. The press conference was followed by an information session for stakeholder representatives to present detailed information about the grant scheme and the rules for participation in call.
On 11 April, the Ambassador visited Gyumri to announce a new €2.9 million grant scheme. This has been designed to promote an inclusive and empowered society in Armenia by facilitating participation of civil society and local authorities in poverty reduction and sustainable development processes at the local level.  It will contribute to raising economic competitiveness, creating jobs, and reducing labour migration in the regions. This call for proposals has the objective to enhance people-to-people contact and local community development through sport, culture, education and tourism.

ARS_2610Ambassador Świtalski noted that it was a pleasure to launch a new call for proposals: ‘This is a very interesting and important project. The EU is very committed to helping local communities. The projects proposed can support the development of outdoor activities, such as summer and winter sports, that can have an impact on tourism development; educational programmes to complement compulsory education and offer higher education institutions innovative learning platforms and spaces; create cultural associations to promote the performing arts, music, theatres, literature, painting, animation, filming, etc’.

Grants will be between €300,000-600,000 in size. Sub-granting will again be a core characteristic of the call. Concrete tourism-orientated actions led by CSOs (Lot 1) or local authorities and their associations (Lot 2) must mobilise communities to promote tourism as a means for local economic development. Under Lot 1, applicants must support third parties, which can include prizes to top performers and change makers, including journalists or young entrepreneurs.
The press conference in Gyumri was also followed by an information session for stakeholders. These two calls complement the large-scale EU-supported capacity building and re-granting programmes for civil society currently ongoing in Armenia, as well as the recently announced €1 million grant scheme for regional development, which is aimed at promoting culture and the creative sector.