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A press conference on the draft law on Public Organisations took place on 8 April 2015. The conference was held by the Head of Cooperation Section in the EU Delegation to Armenia, Hoa-Binh Adjemian; RA Deputy Minister of Justice, Arsen Mkrtchyan; the Head of the British Council office in Armenia, Arevik Saribekyan, and the Project Manager of “Support to Democratic Government in Armenia”,, John White.
The draft law on Public Organisations was developed within the frameworks of the EU-funded project called “Support to Democratic Government in Armenia”, which was launched in March 2014. Overall objective of the programme is bringing Armenia closer to the EU through consolidating statehood, democracy and good governance. The specific objective of the project is to strengthen civil society and democratic governance, as well as disseminate objective information, develop independent media, and support political pluralism in Armenia.. There were organised discussions on the draft law with 51 CSOs and public officials, media professionalism trainings, master classes with media professionals, workshop on organizational development and social enterprise development with 40 CSO representatives.
ARS_6248The Head of Cooperation of the EU Delegation to Armenia, Hoa-Binh Adjemian, introduced the importance of the programme to the guests. “There have been discussions, disagreements to come to that draft proposal and today is the final discussion, after which the law will be submitted to the National Assembly. The EU, all the donors and the Government believe that only the development of the social enterprise with all the civil societies to become sustainable factor will bring a change for a better monitoring of the Government policies and for the provision of quality services to the citizens. The civil society sector is instrumental in promoting human rights, advocating policy changes and contributing good governance”.
The programme is implemented in 5 regions of Armenia – Lori, Syunik, Vayots Dzor, Gergharkunik and Tavush. More than 100 civil society representatives were included in the programme, which had 15 events, 715 000 media reach and 44 000 digital views.The EU funding for the programme is € 949, 670.
Armenian Deputy Minister of Justice, Arsen Mkrtchyan, was involved in the whole process of the programme. “There were very open and beneficial discussions in the initial phase of the programme. The draft law is efficient and we hope it will have a final version in near future. The draft law includes many possible changes in different laws to become more flexible”.
The programme is also aimed at strengthening media capacity and skills, at promoting good governance, the transparency of government activities, and active participation in public policy. After the press conference, the draft law on Public Organisations was presented to beneficiary side and journalists.