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On 24 August, the new Legends Trail was opened, which connects Goris with Kapan in Syunik marz. The new trail has been mapped and marked by the “EU4Tourism: Outdoor adventures on the historic trails in Syunik” project. The opening event allowed guests to test 5km of the trail, which took them through a new ‘magic’ forest. The Legends Trail is a hiking route spanning about 300km, facilitating exploration of many of the impressive natural and cultural heritage sites in the area. It develops and promotes alternative, eco-friendly tourism in rural communities along the route and creates opportunities for them to benefit from the growing influx of tourists to Armenia.

The “EU4Tourism: Outdoor adventures on the historic trails in Syunik” project supports communities located in and around Goris and Kapan to further develop tourism potential. The focus is on supporting the rural population in villages that has, so far, not benefited from tourism infrastructure investments. Within the project, 15 sub-grants have been distributed to support community-led initiatives and individual or family-run small enterprises in villages along the trail. 10 local events/small festivals will be organised by community initiative groups in partnership with authorities in Goris and Kapan (funded through the small-grant scheme). The project was launched in February 2018, with a total budget of €503,181 (the EU contribution is €425,000) and will run until February 2021.