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The public discussion on 2015-2025 Agricultural and Rural Area Development Strategy was organised by the OXFAM at Armenian Ministry of Agriculture on 30 March, 2015. The discussion was held within the framework of the EU-funded project called “Improving Regional Food Security in South Caucasus through National Strategies and Smallholder Production”.
A national working group was formed within the framework of the programme, which will create the 2015-2025 Agricultural and Rural Area Development Strategy, focussing on food security. There are experts from the field of agriculture, beneficiaries and international NGOs in the national working group. Parallel to this national group OXFAM also created other working groups in 10 different marzes of Armenia.
ARS_5506John Barker, the International Aid/Cooperation Officer of the EU Delegation to Armenia, stated that the EU will continue its contribution in the field of agriculture in Armenia: “It’s wonderful that we have this regional programme, which not only addresses food security in its most general sense but is also providing its direct assistance to the Government and Ministry of Agriculture in revising and updating the strategy for the sector”.
Margarita Hakobyan, Head of Oxfam Armenia, mentioned in her speech about the achievements of the work that has been done: “During the work on the 2015-2025 strategy, the Ministry of Agriculture and Oxfam came to an agreement that food security would be included in the development strategy as one of the components. There are several specialists and work groups; it is unique for the strategy to be created by so many people and on different levels, starting from small farmers and regional governments to the national level, where many NGOs, specialists, coalitions are included in order to make the best use of it and achieve the purpose of its creation”.
The Armenian Deputy Minister of Agriculture Armen Harutyunyan thanked in his speech the EU and the EU Delegation in Armenia for the support. “For 2015-2025 Agricultural and Rural Area Development Strategy there were created various groups with competent experts who were able to find and identify main problems that are in the agriculture sector. During the work all the agriculture sectors were revised and all the results are presented in the draft”.
After the opening remarks there were also many speakers from government, private sector and field experts who had their presentations and speeches on rural development.