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The EU has provided €25 million for the implementation of the European Neighbourhood Programme for Agriculture and Rural Development (ENPARD) in Armenia. €20 million of this support will be allocated as budget support to the Armenian government and €5 million as additional assistance for the sustainable and comprehensive development of rural communities.
Within the framework of the “Technical Assistance to the Armenian Ministry of Agriculture” project implemented by the Food and Agriculture Organisation of the United Nations (FAO), a roundtable discussion was held on 15 July 2015. This roundtable was dedicated to plant genetic resource conservation and sustainable improvement.
The Armenian Deputy Minister of Agriculture, a representative from the UN and other agricultural experts attended the event.
ARS_1128Vahan Amirkhanyan from FAO talked about the details of the project: ‘In terms of additional assistance, the EU has requested that FAO provide technical assistance in four major areas: support to institutional development and policy harmonisation, sustainable use and management of agricultural produce and natural resources, capacity and infrastructure building in rural areas, and the improvement of universal agricultural accounting statistics’.
Armenia is a major centre for plant cultivatation in the world, and the list of implementation activities for the “Sustainable rural and agricultural development strategy for 2010-2020 in Armenia” includes the development and rolling out of a national programme for conservation and balanced use of agricultural crops and their wild-growing congeners. The first phase includes the assesment and analysis of the current situation.The assessment of urgent needs was discussed at the roundtable.
Subsquent steps in the development of the national programme were also discussed at the roundtable, as well as other ENPARD activities related to plant genetic resource conservation and sustainable food production and agriculture.