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ARS_4477On 21 November, the EU Ambassador to Armenia, Piotr Świtalski and representatives of three civil society organisations signed three new grant contracts. The EU allocated €850,000 for new projects on and around 9 December related to snap elections preparations and monitoring in Armenia. The projects are financed through the European Initiative for Human Rights and Democracy’s (EIDHR) budget for Armenia and include activities on civic engagement with and awareness raising for first-time voters, women and people with disabilities, recently graduated journalists, and the general public. There will also be a social media monitoring initiative and three different election observation missions. This support runs in parallel to the European Union’s substantive contribution to the Election Basket Fund (the Contribution Agreement of €1,500,000 signed on 14 November 2018) aimed at strengthening the election administration system before early parliamentary elections on 9 December 2018.
The projects are:
1) Building Capacities for Observation and Promoting the Integrity of Parliamentary Elections in Armenia
2) Electoral Preparation and Monitoring by Civil Society Organisations in Armenia: Elections for All
3) ENEMO International Observation Mission for the Parliamentary Elections in the Republic of Armenia

ARS_4458Ambassador Świtalski highlighted the importance of this event to the EU: “It is election time in Armenia and the EU continues to help Armenians to organise good elections and to have legitimate, credible, and strong parliamentary representation. A few days ago we signed a contribution agreement to the Elections Basket Fund with the Ambassadors of Germany and the United Kingdom, the Swedish Chargée d’Affaires, the UN Resident Coordinator/UNDP Resident Representative, and the Acting First Deputy Prime Minister of Armenia, Ararat Mirzoyan. The EU contribution to the project is €1.5 million. Today’s event is also extremely important – it is about empowering civil society, about empowering Armenian citizens to be involved in the electoral process. I am grateful to our partners who decided to create these partnerships and implement the projects at very short notice. We hope very much these efforts will be fruitful. While we all understand that democracy is not built overnight, and is not only about good elections; it is a long-term process. That said, it starts with elections and we believe that these elections will meet best international standards and will open up a new chapter for Armenia”.