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797A1713This year Europe Day celebrations are taking place in 5 Armenian cities and in Yerevan. The first regional open-air celebration was held in Kapan on 11 May under the “Road to Europe” theme. The celebration started at Garegin Nzhdeh Square, where the EU Ambassador to Armenia, Piotr Świtalski, and Kapan Mayor Gevorg Parsyan welcomed and congratulated the audience on Europe Day 2019. This year also, participants of the outdoor public events have the opportunity to learn more about Europe and EU-funded projects in Armenia, get acquainted with these projects’ achievements, enjoy good music, participate in various competitions, and receive many surprises. In Kapan, many contests were held for children and adults, and Armenian rock band “Nemra” performed at the end of the event.

797A1480Ambassador Świtalski thanked everyone for joining and celebrating Europe Day in Kapan: “This year we start our celebrations in Kapan for two very serious reasons. Firstly, Europe starts from Kapan – you are the gateway to Europe. Secondly, you are simply wonderful people. You are hospitable, you are brave as descendants of Davit Bek and you like the idea of sharing our joy. Our day in Kapan is always the most joyful of the Europe Day celebrations. I declare Kapan the capital of Europe for today as we are committed to workig with you. For us it is a family day – so there will be everything for people of various ages. Enjoy the day”.

797A1513Mayor Parsyan welcomed the guests and thanked the EU Delegation for the celebration: “Armenia is part of European civilization – both historically and today, with the establishment of democracy, the rule of law, the protection of fundamental freedoms, and human rights. We have built strong relationships with the EU on the basis of effective cooperation and mutual respect. I am convinced that our relationships will develop and become stronger”.

On the next day, Europe Day celebrations continued at the Yeghegnadzor amphitheatre, opened by Ambassador Świtalski and Yeghegnadzor Mayor Davit Harutyunyan. Numerous contests for children and adults were designed at the Yeghegnadzor amphitheatre and singer Aram MP3 performed at the end of the event.

797A3087Ambassador Świtalski was impressed by the number of people attending the event: “I am happy to see so many young people as they are very important to us. We are happy to come here for the third time. Why we are coming here? You are people with big and open hearts. Other cities are probably richer, some people even call Yerevan the wallet of Armenia, but you are the heart of Armenia. Europe Day is about peace, solidarity and it’s our joint celebration. I want to thank the Mayor for the excellent cooperation. He has a big heart, like you”.

ARS_6507Mayor Harutyunyan noted the importance of bilateral cooperation: “I am glad that, for the third time, our city is included on the list of Armenian cities where Europe Day is happily celebrated. It is nice to see that the residents of Yeghegnadzor have the opportunity to learn about EU-funded projects in Armenia and their achievements. I am glad to inform you that our community has presented a local, economic community development plan as part of the EU-funded “Mayors for Economic Growth” initiative, which has has been praised. Our community has become an active member of this initiative. I hope our cooperation will continue to be productive”.

086A0559On 19 May Vanadzor was ready to host Europe Day celebrations. On Hayk Square people of different ages gathered to enjoy the many activities on offer. European cultural diversity was presented through shadow theatre, mini-shows on different European countries, delicious dishes, competitions, and surprise gifts. The Head of the EU Delegation to Armenia, Ambassador Piotr Świtalski, and the Mayor of Vanadzor, Mamikon Aslanyan, also joined participants.

ARS_0063The EU Ambassador was thankful for the opportunity to celebrate Europe Day in beautiful Vanadzor, Lori marz: ‘We have come here again to celebrate Europe Day. I hope you will enjoy your time throughout the evening as we have prepared a lot of activities for you. We believe it is a good tradition to save one day a year for this celebration. It is our common joy – we consider Armenia to be an integral part of the wider European family. This celebration is more than about projects implemented in Armenia. Of course, the EU is the biggest donor and investor in Armenia, but it is the European spirit which we share, the spirit of freedom, dignity and solidarity’.

ARS_0090Mayor Aslanyan wished everyone a good time: ‘May is a month of joy for all Armenians and Europe Day has been added to our many holidays. It is already the fourth year that we have celebrated this celebration of peace and unity in Vanadzor – it is becoming a good and awaited tradition for our citizens. I am happy that we have had the chance to share this joy with our European friends’.

ARS_1150The next day it was Gyumri’s turn to welcome the Europe Day celebrations. This year, the celebrations are being held under the slogan “Europe is here”. For these celebrations, the Europe Day Anthem is written which is performed by children from different Armenian marzes. The main message of this Anthem is that Europe is here and ready to work for the benefit of all Armenian citizens. Ambassador Świtalski and the Mayor of Gyumri, Samvel Balasanyan, welcomed the people gathered in the Theatre Square.

ARS_1362Ambassador Świtalski thanked everyone for coming and celebrating together: ‘This year we are targeting the younger generation. We have brought music, dance, theatre and gifts for you. I hope you will enjoy as for us these celebrations are about joy. We, of course, face many problems and challenges, but we believe that once in a year we should share our joy. Europe Day is about hope and a better future’.

ARS_1403Mayor Balasanyan welcomed guests and citizens of Shirak marz: ‘Europe Day has been celebrated in Gyumri for years, marking our friendly relations. Together with the European Union, Shirak marz and the city of Gyumri are cooperating and implementing various projects. We will develop sectors, such as energy, culture, tourism, and others. We have an arrangement with the Ambassador to develop this cooperation further’.

086A0418On 12 May Ijevan hosted Europe Day celebrations for the first time, where residents of Tavush marz were able to participate in different activities. In Fountain Square people could learn about EU-funded projects in Europe and Armenia, about projects’ achievements, enjoy good music and dance, participate in various competitions, and win surprise gifts. The celebration also included tasting different European dishes. The Head of the Head of the EU Delegation to Armenia, Ambassador Piotr Świtalski, together with the Mayor of Ijevan, Vardan Ghalumyan, participated in the opening of the event.

086A0403The EU Ambassador thanked the Mayor for his hospitality: ‘We are very happy to be here for the first time and celebrate Europe Day. I hope it will become an annual tradition. First of all, I want to thank everyone, in particular young people from Ijevan for coming. Europe Day is a joint celebration – we celebrate that we are part of the same, large family. This year we are celebrating Europe Day under the slogan “Europe is here”. Indeed, the EU is trying to be helpful and bring about good results for ordinary Armenian citizens. The EU is the biggest donor to Armenia and its largest investor. In Ijevan we have helped to renovate the building of the Court of First Instance and a vocational education and training facility’.
Mayor Ghalumyan also thanked the EU for bringing Europe Day celebrations to the city and for all projects implemented with EU support, adding that he hoped to see new projects in the future.

086A1879The next day, on 13 May, Europe Day celebrations reached Hrazdan. This is the second city which has hosted this pan-European holiday for the first time. Despite heavy rain, the residents of Kotayk marz gathered on Constitution Square to join the celebrations and enjoy themselves. The EU Ambassador and the Mayor of Hrazdan, Aram Danielyan, welcomed everyone.

ARS_8395Świtalski was happy to see numerous people: ‘Hrazdan is hosting Europe Day celebrations for the first time. We are happy for the annual chance to tour Armenia and celebrate this holiday of peace and unity together. This year, we are dedicating the celebrations to young people. We have implemented many projects in Hrazdan, contributing to the renovation of a vocational education and training facility, the building of the Court of First Instance…we are also implementing a project on solid waste management. The EU is committed to working together with Armenia. I hope very much that these celebrations bring you joy’.