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In the framework of the ‘EU4Youth: SAY YES — Skills for Jobs’ project, which is being co-financed by the European Union, World Vision Armenia (co-financer and implementer of the project), the Ayb Foundation, and Khan Academy Armenia, is creating and translating free, high-quality educational resources in the Armenian language to support the professional education and career orientation of Armenian youth.

6Through the ‘Localisation and Development of an Online Educational Platform’ project, which is being implemented by the Ayb Educational Foundation, Khan Academy Armenia has created Armenian-language educational materials on mathematics, finance, entrepreneurship, programming, the arts, and chemistry on a new online platform for alternative education. In the framework of the ‘EU4Youth: SAY YES — Skills for Jobs’ project, which is being co-financed by the European Union, training materials of 10 sections of Khan Academy have been translated and adapted. The materials and new projects created were presented at an event organised on 31 January. Participants were later given a chance to test the opportunities and advantages of the platform on site.

3Vassilis Maragos, the Head of the DG NEAR Unit responsible for Armenia, was in Armenia for the event: “Armenia is an important partner in the Eastern Partnership platform and a number of joint projects are being implemented.  We are witnessing the result of such a project today. A bright future would be impossible without the innovative spirit of young people. Our investment in youth and education will ensure a more peaceful and promising future”.

ARS_5902_Zhirayr Edilyan, the Head of World Vision Armenia, spoke about integrating young men and women from the marzes into online education through this initiative, as well as inspiring and making them competitive in the labour market: “These educational platforms will help our young people build a better future for themselves. Those living in Yerevan have many development opportunities, while those in the marzes are much more restricted in their choices. In this regard, the platform will resolve a lot of issues”.

On 20 March four new projects were launched through the EU-funded EU4Youth initiative. The projects will focus on increasing employment opportunities and employability of young people across the country, providing young people with new skills, training courses, work experience, and opportunities for entrepreneurship. These new projects were launched by Lawrence Meredith, the European Commission’s Director for Neighbourhood East, together with the EU Ambassador to Armenia, Piotr Świtalski. The EU contribution to these projects in Armenia amounts to €1.9 million.

ARS_3844_The “EU4Youth: Fostering potential for greater employability” project will improve education and employment opportunities for disadvantaged youth. The “EU4Youth: Better Skills for Better Future” project will develop the entrepreneurial potential and increase employability of disadvantaged youth, ensure their increased access to education and training opportunities, and advocate for the development and implementation of coherent and cross-sectorial youth policies at the local and national level. The “EU4Youth: Employability and stability” project will focus on the empowerment, employability and entrepreneurship potential of socially and economically disadvantaged youth, especially young women. The “EU4Youth – SAY YES Skills for Jobs” project will address unemployment and the lack of income opportunities for youth in rural areas. The EU4Youth initiative (total budget €22.75 million (EU contribution: €20 million)) fosters the active participation of young people in society and improves employability by developing youth leadership and entrepreneurship through a variety of actions, including capacity building, fellowships, support to policy dialogue, and grants to organisations active in these areas.

ARS_3744_Lawrence Meredith highlighted the importance of youth empowerment in his speech: ‘We are already doing a lot to promote the role of youth. For example, for my generation, Erasmus was a defining change in the European Union. We want Erasmus+ to be a defining change for your generation. The Eastern Partnership Summit in 2017 endorsed the Eastern Partnership’s “20 Deliverables for 2020” which focuses on cooperation to produce tangible results for citizens. A key deliverable in the Summit Declaration is the new Youth and Education Package. The core of this package is the EU4Youth initiative. Therefore, it is a great pleasure to launch four new projects today, which will take EU4Youth vision a step further in Armenia’.

ARS_3786_Ambassador Świtalski praised Armenian youth: ‘The young generation in Armenia faces great challenges. You have to bring your country to a new level – your parents created an independent state, they established institutions, but they carried, and still carry, values from the past. You enjoy different levels of freedom, and it is your responsibility to build your country’s future, drawing on the best examples of the history of human civilisation. You are not a generation which can simply profit from the past, you have a challenge ahead. The EU strongly believes in Armenian youth. You are privileged to come from a civilisation rich in traditions. You are very talented, which is why we are offering you our support’.