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On 6 September, the Head of the EU Delegation to Armenia, Ambassador Piotr Świtalski, participated in a press conference to launch an Erasmus+ Youth. Information Centre. A network of information centres was established in 2017 and the centres function in six Eastern Partnership countries, as well as the Russian Federation. The Gyumri Youth Initiative Centre (YIC) NGO is in charge of all Erasmus+ Youth. Information Centre activities in Armenia; one organisation in each participating country is selected to coordinate national activities based on an open call.
The main aim of the information centres is to inform young people and youth organisations about opportunities which come up through the Erasmus+ programme, as well as to support stakeholders to implement other projects.
Erasmus+ is an EU programme launched on 1 January 2014. It is aimed at boosting skills and employability, as well as offering more opportunities for cooperation across the education, training, youth and sport sectors. YIC was established in 2008 by five active young people experienced in youth work at the local and international level. The mission of YIC is to develop youth civic activism through promoting inclusive initiatives and active participation in civic life.

ARS_4608Ambassador Świtalski spoke about the EU’s perspective on youth: ‘The Erasmus programme is one of the success stories of the EU. We have spent millions of euros to make it possible for young people all over the world to access European education, to come to Europe, to enrich themselves not only with knowledge, but also culture and personal relationships, and to build strong networks. Erasmus is important as it is about the future. I am very glad that this information centre is being established because I believe that Armenia should be able to participate even more in this programme. The EU is planning to invest new resources in education in Armenia – we want Armenians to talk more about education and to think how the system can be improved. I think European experience, and that of Erasmus, will be very important’.

ARS_4642The Coordinator of the National Erasmus+ Office to Armenia, Lana Karlova, congratulated YIC on being selected to coordinate activities: ‘It is very important that an information centre is opening in Gyumri. We see great dedication to education in the marzes and want to link it with our experience with universities and other organisations. Many people are calling our office for more information and now there will finally be a centre that will give answers to all these questions’.