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On 8 December, an Arts and Crafts Centre was opened in Dilijan, followed by the official opening of the Dilijan Winter Bazaar. From now on, artisans and craftsmen from Dilijan and adjacent communities can take advantage of the opportunities the centre opens to create interesting items and souvenirs. The centre was established as part of the “Dilijan and Adjacent Communities Development Initiative” project. This project is being implemented by the Initiatives for Development of Armenia (IDeA) Foundation, DIS Properties Charity Foundation, the Dilijan Municipality, and Dilijan National Park. It is funded by the EU and the Ministry of Territorial Administration and Development of Armenia through the Pilot Regional Development Programme (PRDP).

4The PRDP Grant Scheme in Dilijan helps local people to become involved in rural tourism activities and profit from it. Local stakeholders are encouraged to acquire the skills to become the architects of the future of their own areas by adding value to local products and facilitating their access to local markets; safeguarding the natural resources which are in danger of disappearing; promoting the image of Dilijan and Tavush marz in general; recapturing the socio-cultural heritage of local communities.

3Small workshops located in community schools have been opened in Gosh, Haghartsin and Teghut communities. Thus, school students can also take advantage of these workshops and being their creative talent to fruition. The Arts and Crafts Centre and the three community workshops are equipped with furniture and equipment, with the space for twelve people at a time. Besides providing necessary work space for artisans and craftsmen, specialists working in the centre can present and sell their products at the Dilijan Tourist Information Centre, which opened this summer in the framework of the same project. The opening of the Dilijan Winter Bazaar, the first large-scale event in Dilijan of its type, also marked the day. The fair gave residents from Dilijan and adjacent communities the chance to sell their handmade goods two days in a row, and allowed participants to take part in interesting events, listen to musical performances by UWC Dilijan students, and buy presents for New Year.

1EU Ambassador Piotr Świtalski spoke of the support for the project and its implementers: “We are proud to be associated with this project. Almost two years ago we launched the PRDP Grant Scheme with the Armenian government. This was designed to help the Armenian marzes and boost economic growth. We selected several project in various marzes, and I am happy Dilijan’s project has been the most successful. This centre can help communities enjoy better lives, restore traditions, and promote Dilijan as a brand. It complements the picture alongside other activities made through the “Dilijan and Adjacent Communities Development Initiative”. You have wonderful taste and you can bring about change everywhere. People make this project successful and I want to thank you all. I hope you will be successful and Dilijan’s brand will be famous not only in Yerevan”.