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In the framework of an EU funded project a seminar-discussion “Leadership in the context of improvement and coordination of decision making process in VET sphere development” took place on 15 April 2015. During the seminar the international expert Yannis Sofianopoulos made a presentation of the results of the research “Possibilities and challenges of introduction of dual system in VET sphere in Armenia”. The expert underlined in his speech the ARS_9580importance of the dual system in Armenia. “A dual system VET is a very old system, but it is also very young, because one of the advantages of the system is its continuous innovations. We have a task to examine and investigate how the dual system which is widely spread in European countries and all over the world could be implemented in Armenia. Our efforts here are to try mixing two sides of our job: the first is what applies in several countries and the second side is to see what applies in Armenia, and then understand how we can incorporate the two into a system that would work for VET in Armenia”.
Head of Vocational Education and Training Division of the Armenian Ministry of Education and Science, Sasoun Hambardzumyan thanked the EU for the continuous support in the VET system in Armenia. “During the last years the European Union has provided support to vocational education and training in Armenia. Many colleges have been modernised in terms of infrastructure and equipment. The dual system is a very important topic for this sphere and we are looking forward to fruitful discussions with local and international experts”.
The project is financed by the European Union and implemented by IBF International Consulting.