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A 3-part anti-corruption event was held on 9 December as part of the EU-funded “Multi-faceted Anti-corruption Promotion” project. In the first part of the event, the Annual Anti-corruption Award Ceremony took place, which is dedicated to International Anti-corruption Day.

ars_0064Piotr Świtalski, the Head of the EU Delegation to Armenia, spoke of the risks of corruption at the event: ‘Countries all over the world face risks related to corruption, which is why we need a strong international coalition to combat it. The EU is proud to be a reliable partner in this coalition. There are two main obstacles in the fight against corruption. One is the state of denial, where officials believe that corruption is not a problem. I am glad that the Armenian government has now put fighting corruption so high on its agenda. The second obstacle is the state of resignation, where a population believes there is no alternative to corruption. However, I believe that Armenian society is ready to fight corruption and hope that Armenia can create a strong coalition to combat it. We stand ready to continue our support to you – the EU has already allocated €50 million to fight corruption, both through budget support and financing initiatives like the one in which we are participating today’.

ars_0040Arthur Davtyan, the Armenian Prosecutor General, echoed Ambassador Świtalski’s sentiments: ‘It is undeniable that corruption is an evil that threatens the development of any country. This is a major challenge that requires all our combined effort. In particular, state officials are obliged to do everything in their power to ensure public trust. We have to be consistent and ensure cooperation’.

ars_0156Ambassador Świtalski gave an award to the website www.b4b.am as “Mass Media Outlet of the Year”. Other categories included: “Young Citizen of the Year”, “Citizen of the Year”, “Business Organisation of the Year”, “Journalist of the Year”, and “CSO of the Year”. The Ambassador received a letter of acknowledgment for cooperation after the award ceremony.

The second part of the event was a forum centred around government-CSO cooperation. The forum explored successes achieved through this cooperation so far and prospects for expanding it in the future.
The third part of the event comprised the official closing ceremony of the “Multi-faceted Anti-corruption Promotion” project.