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Mayors for Economic Growth (M4EG) is a new initiative within the Eastern Partnership Flagship Initiative on Sustainable Municipal Development, launched during a high level conference, co-organised by CORLEAP and the European Commission, in Yerevan last October.
The M4EG initiative is partly inspired by the EU Covenant of Mayors, an urban climate and energy initiative which brings together local, regional and national authorities voluntarily to implement EU climate and energy objectives. Thanks to its voluntary nature, participatory approach and clear objectives, the Covenant of Mayors has proved very successful in the EaP region.
On 28 April a call for proposals for the new EU-funded “Mayors for Economic Growth Pioneers Projects” (M4EG) was launched. This multi-country call for proposals contributes to the achievement of the objectives of the new EU-funded Mayors for Economic Growth initiative supporting cities in the Eastern Partnership region Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Georgia, Moldova and Ukraine.
The initiative aims at strengthening local authorities’ capacity to implement smart local economic development through enhanced local governance, better planning and more efficient municipal management. Through the initiative, the joining cities should develop and implement Local Economic Development Plans, receiving technical assistance and scientific support from the EU. The champions will receive grant support to implement pilot projects included in cities’ Local Economic Development Plans. The budget for Lot 1 announced for Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Georgia, or Moldova is to the amount of €5 million.

ARS_4191Hoa-Binh Adjemian, the Head of Cooperation Section of the EU Delegation to Armenia, announced the launch of the call for proposals: ‘On the behalf of the EU Ambassador to Armenia, Piotr Świtalski, I would like to reconfirm EU support to local authorities as actors for change, as enablers of ensuring balance. The EU has been working closely with local authorities in the regions, and will continue to do so. This project complements what the EU is already doing in Armenia, which is supporting different spheres in the regions’.

ARS_4177Vache Terteryan, the Armenian First Deputy Minister of Territorial Administration and Development, highlighted the importance of the initiative during the current economic crisis: ‘M4EG will enable community representatives to think of new ways of cooperation to bring about economic improvement. I am sure that, together with other EU initiatives and projects, M4EG will be a good opportunity for local communities and provide additional resources to solve problems’.

On 17 February, the EU Ambassador to Armenia, Piotr Świtalski, made a one-day working visit to Gyumri, Shirak region. The day began with official meetings with Hovsep Simonyan, the Governor of Shirak region, and Samvel Balasanyan, the Mayor of Gyumri. The parties discussed development priorities for the region and the city, focusing on the cultural and creative sectors.
Later on, at a press conference, Ambassador Świtalski announced the launch of the €1 million Grant Scheme for Regional Development. This is aimed at ensuring economic growth, creating jobs and reducing emigration by promoting culture and the creative sector in Shirak region.

ARS_7522The Ambassador highlighted the importance of the project, especially in Shirak region: ‘Gyumri is one of the best places to launch a project to develop the economy through culture. Gyumri has cultural potential and huge capacity. The EU is very adamant to promoting regional development in Armenia. We believe that one of the obstacles confronting Armenia is the imbalance between the capital and the regions. In order to develop successfully and in a sustainable way, this gap should be filled. Therefore, we believe that the EU Delegation to Armenia should be orientated towards the purpose of regional development’.

This grant scheme is the second call for proposals under the Pilot Regional Development Programme Grant Scheme (PRDP GS). The overall objective of PRDP GS is to create more economic opportunities in the Armenian regions.The first call for proposals was published in September 2015 and 7 PRDP grant contracts were signed with the EU and the Armenian Ministry of Territorial Administration as a result. Project implementation started at the beginning of this year.
The second call for proposals will select one or two additional regional projects focused on culture and innovation for funding. Eligible organisations from all regions can apply if they find a suitable regional partner from the target region.
The available budget for this second call for proposals is almost €1 million, of which €700,000 is provided by the European Union and €175,000 by the Armenian government. Applicants have to provide a minimum of 10% in co-financing themselves. Selected projects should be implemented within a maximum of 24 months. The deadline for the submission of concept notes is 24 March 2017. Full project proposals will be elaborated only by short-listed candidates.

ARS_7862In the evening, Ambassador Świtalski, Governor Simonyan and Mayor Balasanyan met again at a concert of classical music. The concert entitled ‘Culture and Development: Building Bridges’ marked the launch of the grant scheme which will promote the development of cultural and creative sectors in Shirak region.