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The Centre of Excellence in Finance (CEF) is running performance auditing training for representatives from the Chamber of Control, public sector internal audit, the Armenian Ministry of Finance, and the National Assembly of Armenia from 11-14 November 2015.
The Economic Governance Advisor of the Cooperation Section of the EU Delegation to Armenia, Alessandro Zanotta, talked about the importance of the EU’s support in this area: ‘The EU always supports reforms in public management in Armenia. During the summit in Riga, we reconfirmed our willingness to work together and to cooperate in many sectors’.
ARS_7674Gor Khachatryan from the German development agency GIZ made clear the aims of the training: ‘We have concrete goals connected to the audit system in Armenia. To implement the goals of our programme we are working together with the EU and the Chamber of Control. The aim of the event is to introduce all the specialists from the Chamber of Control, the Armenian National Assembly and other experts from public sector internal audit to what performance audit is. With the help of this training they will enhance their experience and learn new things’.
The “Public financial management in the South Caucasus” regional programme implemented by GIZ has signed a co-financing agreement with the EU Delegation to Armenia to strengthen the independence, effectiveness and transparency of the Armenian external audit system. The EU’s contribution to the programme is €880,000.
The main objective of the learning event on 11-14 November is to provide comprehensive training on performance audit to the representatives of the special audit team created by the Chamber of Control, and participants from the internal audit system in Armenia and the National Assembly. Specialists from the CEF arrived in Armenia for the training from Ljubljana, Slovenia.