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The EU Advisory Group (EUAG) held its 16th and last Advisory Board Meeting on 11 November in the presence of the Head of the EU Delegation to Armenia, Ambassador Traian Hristea, and the Chief of Staff of the Office to the President of Armenia, Vigen Sargsyan.
The board gave a positive assessment of EUAG activities throughout the whole implementation of the project, which was echoed by Ambassador Hristea: ‘Today we hold the last formal meeting of the EU Advisory Group board, while EU assistance to Armenia is set to continue. During five years of EUAG activity, relations between the EU and Armenia have developed significantly. The EU remains committed to support Armenian reform efforts and appreciates Armenia’s willingness for further cooperation. Future directions will benefit from the policies, strategies and plans developed with support from the EUAG. We will jointly build on this impressive track record of achievements’.

Chief of Staff of the Office to the President of Armenia, Vigen SargsyanSargsyan spoke about the possible further development of EU-Armenia relations: ‘Despite the participation of Armenia in the Eurasian Economic Union, our country is determined to continue its association with the European Union in the spheres of mobility, good governance, democracy, human rights and multi-faceted economic relations. In April 2014 the President of Armenia adopted the list of activities on the implementation of the European Neighbourhood Policy Action Plan. Our objective is to keep the context of previous discussions between the EU and Armenia, providing their compatibility with other integration formats’.
The Annual Report of the EU Advisory Group for January-September 2014 highlighted the support and recommendations provided by EUAG in the areas of migration and mobility, in particular regarding the Visa Facilitation and Readmission Agreements, which came into force on 1 January 2014, as well as asylum reception capacity. Support was also given in the area of human rights, in particular advice on the upgrade and implementation of the National Human Rights Action Plan adopted in early 2014, as well as recommendations on the national gender machinery and non-discrimination.
The EU Advisory Group presents final achievements  (1) The report highlights the policy advice provided to the National Assembly on enhancing its government oversight function, strengthening the role of committees in the law-making process and closer relations with national parliaments in the EU. The EU Advisory group also provided comments for improving the draft anti-corruption strategy, strengthening the coordinating and monitoring of justice reforms, as well as the overall quality of the national judiciary and prosecution. The Group also helped improve law enforcement capacities in the areas of crime analysis, financial investigation, cybercrime and human trafficking.
In addition, the EU Advisory Group delivered its last assessment on the key challenges and work ahead for Armenia, which summarized recommendations and findings on justice, migration, law enforcement, EU approximation and governance, EU-Armenia parliamentary cooperation and human rights.
The EUAG supported Armenia in the implementation of its reform agenda and the development of its international commitments. It provided tailored policy advice on legal, security, democratic, economic and institutional issues to the Armenian presidency and other institutions. The project was implemented by the United Nations Development Programme in Armenia.