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On 27 January, Impact Hub Yerevan invited everyone to the launch of “The Art of (anti) Corruption” project. This campaign is a year-long series of events in partnership with the European Union. The campaign seeks to raise awareness and educate citizens on the complicated effects of corruption on Armenian society through artistic and cultural interpretations of corruption in the country and beyond. It will use various art forms to break down perceptions that corruption in Armenia is inevitable.
The campaign kicked off with an “Ideathon” evening. The aim of the Ideathon was to bring creative minds together to come up with appropriate messages for the programme to best reach the general public in Armenia.

ARS_5016Piotr Świtalski, the Head of the EU Delegation to Armenia attended the event and highlighted the importance of the project: ‘The EU is helping Armenia to combat corruption; corruption is one of the greatest obstacles to Armenia’s development both today and tomorrow. We have helped Armenia in different ways and at different levels – we support both government and CSO anti-corruption initiatives. This project is interesting because it’s new, innovative, and important. It’s important because it will use innovation to reach diverse audiences and prepare them for fighting corruption. Combining anti-corruption efforts at different levels Armenia can adopt and use international best practice’.

ARS_4984Sara Anjargolian, Co-founder & CEO of Impact Hub Yerevan, welcomed the EU’s support for the initiative: ‘All of us need to do something about corruption. We decided together that art can act as an effective bridge between different topics. We will work with the European Union over the comingyear and put on various events. This evening we have gathered, people from different spheres, to understand what kind of messages we would like to spread during those events via art’.
Anti-corruption messages will be used during variety of events over the course of the year, including videos, comedy sketches, art exhibitions,cartoons/comics, andTEDx talks.