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ARS_5563Armenian civil society has received €1.74 million from the EU for new activities. On 19 January the Head of the EU Delegation to Armenia, Ambassador Piotr Świtalski publicised new grant agreements. This confirms European Union’s continuing support for Armenian civil society to promote active citizenship and protect human rights. The projects funded by the European Union will be implemented in Armenia in 2018-2019, with a total budget of over €1.9 million. They will cover a variety of topic areas, including youth, human rights in closed institutions, women’s organisations, national policy and budget implementation, and energy efficiency.

• “A Public Glimpse into a Closed World: Increasing Awareness on the Human Rights Situation in Closed Institutions” will be implemented by Public Journalism Club (PJC) NGO and For Equal Rights (FER) NGO over 2 years. The project has a total budget of €278,072 (EU contribution of €264,168) and will be implemented in all Armenian marzes.

• Freedom of Information Center of Armenia (FOICA) and Maastricht-based European Journalism Center will implement “Access to Information and Investigative Journalism for Better Informed Citizens” over 20 months, with a total budget of €390,000 (EU contribution of €343,200).

• The National Social Housing Association Foundation (ASBA) in cooperation with partners from the Netherlands, Germany and the Czech Republic will implement “EU4Civil Society: Energy Efficiency in Armenian Communities” over 2 years, with a total budget of €372,231 (EU contribution of €335,000).

• Open Society Institute Assistance Foundation – Armenia (OSIAFA), the Institute of Public Policy, and the Union of Informed Citizens will implement “EU4HumanRights: Pursuing Positive Change through Empowering Civil Society” over 2 years with a total budget of €460,035 (EU contribution of €400,000).

• The Near East Foundation UK (NEF UK) and the Women’s Development Resource Center Foundation (WDRC) will implement “EU4Women: Economic Empowerment through Social Enterprise” over 2 years with a total budget of €446,797 (EU contribution of €400,000).

ARS_5570Ambassador Świtalski congratulated the successful CSO grantees and wished them success: ‘There are five winners today but there were many more applicants. I am addressing those who didn’t make it this time: we are determined to continue our support to your activities. I can promise that every good idea, every good project, will find, sooner or later, its way to this final stage. Therefore, today I am congratulating the winners. The projects look different but they are all important in different ways. Why are they important? These projects cover different issues and regardless of your personal interest these projects have something for everyone’.