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On 16 June, Gyumri hosted the conclusion of the Eastern Partnership Armenia-Georgia Territorial Cooperation Programme. The event had two parts: the final meeting of the joint decision making committee, and a final conference to present achievements and discuss the future of territorial cooperation.An exhibition of projects implemented within the programme in 2015-2017 was also held during the event.

DSC_7056Territorial cooperation programmes open up opportunities for Eastern Partnership (EaP) countries to identify and jointly address common challenges in their border regions. The overall objective of the programme is to ensure sustainable territorial cooperation between border regions to benefit their social and economic development, as well as strengthen cross-border contacts between local authorities, communities and civil society organisations to be able to develop joint solutions to common social and economic challenges. EaPTC addresses local and regional development in four border areas: Armenia-Georgia, Azerbaijan-Georgia, Belarus-Ukraine, and Moldova-Ukraine. EU funding for the Armenia-Georgia territorial cooperation programme is €1.35 million.
The Deputy Head of Cooperation Section of the EU Delegation to Armenia, Gregory Tsouris, the First Deputy Minister of Armenian Ministry of Territorial Administration and Development of Armenia, Vache Terteryan, and the Deputy Minister of Georgian Ministry of Regional Development and Infrastructure, Irakli Matkava, held a press conference to announce the results.

DSC_7401Tsouris thanked all the actors that participated in the successful implementation of the project: ‘Territorial cooperation between countries is one of the key aspects of the EU as a vector for cooperation, for stability, for new opportunities, for networks of people, businesses, and solutions for common problems. I think it is important to stress that this programme has been successful. Around us at the exhibition we see very important projects. They have huge potential for additional partnership and I think that people-to-people contact will provide many new opportunities in very near future’.

DSC_7377Terteryan stated that the programme had improved mutual understanding between Georgia and Armenia, establishing business contacts and new cooperation projects: ‘These projects are small, but the results and enthusiasm are great. They are innovative and ambitious. We can be proud of the significant achievements that have contributed to the development of border regions and brought benefits to communities. I am sure the programme will be an important stimulus for further development of regional cooperation’.

DSC_7393Matkava thanked his hosts for their hospitality and cooperation: ‘The projects presented here are the results of excellent cooperation between Armenia and Georgia through this programme. Our people want to implement many interesting and innovative ideas; we, as governments, have to support this however we can. I think that there is strong commitment on both sides to continue this cooperation, of course with the assistance of our European friends’.