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A working meeting entitled “Possibilities and challenges of establishing an independent institutional system for fighting against corruption in the Republic of Armenia” took place on 15 December 2015 with financial support from the EU and the OSCE Office in Yerevan. Representatives from international organisations, state institutions, civil society from across the country, and the media attended the event.
ARS_0147Ambassador Piotr Antoni Świtalski, the Head of the EU Delegation to Armenia, said he was always happy to take part in events dedicated to fighting corruption: ‘I always gladly accept invitations and I am always ready to speak about the EU’s commitment to fighting corruption. I believe that corruption is one of the most important strategic, systemic, and structural epidemics hampering Armenia’s growth. I am convinced that, by not tackling corruption effectively, Armenia will not be able to move forward in a dynamic way. I am saying this based on the experience of the other countries which have gone through a transformation process, and on my own observations here in Armenia. Therefore, for the EU, assisting Armenia to fight corruption is a natural priority. I believe this meeting is very important, because it brings together civil society, and marks civil society’s role in this process as important. This means not only in putting pressure on the government and state institutions, not only in monitoring and serving as a watchdog, but also serving as a source of intellectual inspiration and mobilisation for public opinion’.
The Armenian Deputy Minister of Justice, Suren Krmoyan, talked on behalf of the Armenian government about anti-corruption achievements: ‘2015 was a very crucial year for Armenia’s fight against corruption. We have managed to form an institutional system and a new board for combating corruption. In cooperation with our partners, we adopted a new anti-corruption strategy, and set up a government-civil society collaboration platform, which allows us to cooperate actively with civil society in the fight against corruption. Very good conditions for the implementation of anti-corruption programmes have recently been formed. One of the main targets of our strategy is to form a joint intolerance towards corruption in Armenia. Each citizen has to take part in this fight’.

A workshop titled “Private sector face with current challenges of corruption” took place on 29 July 2015. The event was organised by Transparency International Anticorruption Centre NGO together with the Ministry of Justice of the RA, the workshop is funded by the EU.
During the event, the Economic Governance Advisor of the Cooperation Section of the EU Delegation to Armenia, ARS_4843Alessandro Zanotta, delivered his welcome speech. “EU and Armenia have officially agreed and reiterated that the fight against corruption is one of their priorities. There is no country or region free of corruption, and Armenia is not an exception. EU supports many countries around the world to fight against corruption and we are doing the same here in Armenia. But, to be successful, Armenia needs to show willingness in many areas. The EU advises the Government of Armenia to adopt an Anticorruption Strategy as soon as possible”.
The Deputy Minister of Justice of the RA, Suren Krmoyan, spoke about the importance of the event. “I would like to emphasise that this event was organised by the Armenian Ministry of Justice together with the Transparency International Anticorruption Centre NGO. As for the financing, we are grateful to the European Union. This is the first time today that we speak about such important issues as corruption in the private sector. One of the most important components of the success in the fight against corruption in Armenia is the involvement of the civil society and private sector. We all should understand that the fight against corruption is everybody’s problem and, if we want to have a developed country, this issue should concern each of us”.
After the welcoming speeches, experts on anticorruption did their presentations. Later on, the representatives of the private sector introduced their presentations. They presented their businesses, talked on anti-corruption strategies and shared a number of interesting issues based on their own experience. The audience was informed by the Government that steps have been taken to set up a whistle-blowing protection system in Armenia in line with international principles. The EU provides funds to support the anti-corruption efforts of the government and the civil society organisations.