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With the EU support, an entire value-chain development approach for woollen products is being restored in Amasia (Shirak marz) and the surrounding 8 communities. The “EU4 Shirak: Wool for jobs” project is being implemented by People in Need – Armenia (PIN) in cooperation with Women’s Development “Resource Centre” Foundation, the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Shirak marz, and Amasia Municipality. It is funded by the EU and the Ministry of Territorial Administration and Development of Armenia through the Pilot Regional Development Programme (PRDP). This two-year project has a total budget of €549,819 (the EU contribution is €335,000).

556A wool-processing factory is being established in Shirak marz, including infrastructure and production lines. The former cinema building, which was not being used, has been turned into a wool-processing factory after renovation and will provide jobs to not only the residents of Amasia, but also the surrounding communities. The equipment will mainly be imported from Italy and China, but domestic equipment will also be used for production. It is expected that the equipment will be installed in the middle of February, and the factory will be officially opened in April.

The project will help local 14 SMEs to develop their capacities, and 60 permanent jobs will be created in the marz. 150 job seekers registered in employment centres will develop their skills through training, raising their competitiveness in the labour market as a result of the project. SMEs and the wool-processing factory will be united by establishing a regional association that will promote effective business relationships and promote sales of goods. Thus, Shirak marz will become a centre of quality yarn and woollen goods production.

1Jemma Harutyunyan, the Head of Amasia Community, Shirak marz, highlighted the importance of the project: “Providing jobs to women is very important. Not only women from Amasia will work but there will be also an opportunity to address women’s unemployment in 9 settlements in our community. This is a great achievement for the people of our community, until now, the wool was completely thrown away, it was not used, and it seemed to be redundant”.

3Ruzanna Torozyan, the President of Women’s Development Resource Centre Foundation presented their support for the project: “Our centre has the “Wool to Carpet” studio in Shinuhayr, the largest village in Syunik marz. This village has the highest rate of poverty and migration. We are very happy that we now can share this best experience with our partners. In Amasia we will be responsible for the factory’s professional training and the entire process. Some of the 30 women studying here will work in the wool-spinning factory, some of them will work in wool-testing and -washing facilities, and we also have women working in the dyeing facility. The factory will be big and we will have the opportunity to create more than 20 jobs. Other women who are really interested in working with us will have the opportunity to work from home because our company is entering the thread market. They can join our markets, produce yarn fibres at home, and earn”.