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On 5 December the Young Experts Scheme Armenia (YES) project officially began. 21 young professionals aged 25-35 have been selected from more than 300 candidates to be enrolled in a one-year project. Almost half of the selected experts are from the Armenian Diaspora, who will bring their skills and expertise.
YES Armenia offers a unique opportunity for young professionals to contribute to Armenia’s development by bringing new dynamics, energy and modernisation to the civil service. Young professionals will work on specific government priority projects for 12 months. The projects are diverse, such as new governance models in education, tourism development, operationalisation of the National Digital Transformation Agenda, and public-private partnership (PPP) promotion. YES Armenia is funded by the EU and implemented by the Development and Strategic Studies project, in partnership with the Centre for Strategic Initiatives (CSI).

ARS_9887The Head of the EU Delegation to Armenia, Ambassador Piotr Świtalski, wished participants success: ‘There are three beautiful things about this project. Firstly, it is about the young generation. Armenia can be proud of the richness its youth; I believe that these young people can bring something new to Government, as well as aspiration and hope. Indeed, changing this country is about their future. Secondly, this project is a bridge between Armenians from here and the Diaspora. Half of the participants have returned to Armenia – they have acquired education in the best universities in Europe, and here will have the opportunity to spread their wings and fulfil their inspirations. Thirdly, this project is about reform. Armenian is now undergoing challenging reforms. The acronym of the project is very inspiring: YES. This exudes positive energy, something Armenia needs. 12 months is a short period of time, so don’t waste your time. If you succeed, we will continue to support this type of initiative’.

ARS_9837Armenia’s Prime Minister Karen Karapetyan congratulated both the organisers and selected participants: ‘It is inspiring that 21 young Armenian people are being involved in public administration through this project. I hope you will justify our and your expectations. YES Armenia is a good example of the cooperation between Armenia and the European Union. It includes a number of important priorities: involving young people in reforms to public administration; engaging young talent from the Diaspora; combining state and international partners’ efforts in areas of mutual interest. The project is the first attempt in this format with the EU partners – I hope that we will be successful and allow it to become long term’.