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On 9 October 2015 a memorandum of understanding (MoU) was signed between the EU Delegation to Armenia, GIZ and the Armenian Chamber of Control. This MoU will create a steering structure for tracking and monitoring activities targeted within the cooperation agreement for strengthening the independence, effectiveness and transparency of the Armenian external audit system.
The MoU follows a co-financing agreement with the EU Delegation to Armenia on the GIZ-run regional “Public financial management (PFM) in the South Caucasus” programme. The contribution to the programme from the EU is €880,000. The specific objectives of the cooperation between the Chamber of Control, the EU and GIZ are targeted at aligning performance audit and audit of the government’s annual budget execution report processes, as well as the related follow-up mechanisms with the International Organisation of Supreme Audit Institutions (INTOSAI) standards and European good practice.
ARS_1662The Head of Cooperation of the EU Delegation to Armenia, Hoa-Binh Adjemian, stressed the importance of auditing: ‘We believe that the creation of this external audit system in Armenia will not only improve the efficiency of management but also build more transparent governance in Armenia in general’.
David Franzreb, Team Leader of the GIZ PFM Programme, presented the work undertaken so far: ‘We have initiated this meeting today to provide all of you with an overview of developments over the last year; we will conclude the meeting by signing the memorandum. During this steering meeting we will make presentations on the programme and give a brief overview of the memorandum. We have faced many external and internal obstacles during our work, but all of these issues have been solved’.
Seyran Avagyan, Board Member of the Chamber of Control, noted the programme’s importance for Armenia: ‘This programme is one of the most important programmes that we have ever done. Our cooperation with GIZ is multilayered and multifunctional; we worked a long, difficult path, but we overcame the obstacles we encountered and achieved a lot. We can now see our jointly implemented ideas in the draft constitution, and we hope we will see it in the final version. Having all these definitions in the draft is very important for us’.
After the opening speeches Gor Khachatryan from GIZ made a presentation on how multilateral cooperation is strengthening the independence, effectiveness and transparency of the Armenian external audit system, including status quo, activity plans, and next steps.
All those present had the opportunity to ask questions from the speakers, who in turn talked about implemented activities and those planned before the steering meeting in December 2015. At the end of the discussions the signing of the MoU took place.